Updates on the Impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on the Nightlife Ecosystem

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What is your downtown or city doing to manage the impact of COVID-19? How are bars and restaurants responding? Patrons? 

Are there public safety issues? How are police managing venues that remain open? Any private parties getting out of control? 

Send in your stories and we will post here. Join in the exchange and share this link or use social media @sociablecity


Closing time: The heartbreaking silence of a city at night, when nightlife has been outlawed

  The Guam Daily Post

YoPhillyMarch 27, 2020 "The nights are how we define ourselves, and how we find our tribe..The city is a refuge for people who want a new life. Maybe they don't fit in. They create a new family for themselves, a chosen family or an alter ego." Thoughtful comments about the role that nightlife plays in our lives. 

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The Coronavirus Is Sending Lots Of Younger People To The Hospital

 Buzzfeed News

QuarantineMarch 25, 2020 PSA to young people: you are not immune to coronavirus or invincible. Young people continue to party on beaches, hiking trails and destination cities by taking   advantage of cheap flights. In New York City, 1 in 4 people hospitalized for COVID-19 (coronavirus) are between 18-49 yrs old.



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“We are all in it together” – Responses from the global nightlife industry’s frontline of defence


All in This TogetherMarch 24, 2020 Check out the interview with global nightlife leaders and Night Mayors on how they're handling the #COVID19 crisis. “This really is a global situation; we are all in it together,” concludes Ariel Palitz, NYC Night Mayor. 


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Virtual 'Love Sweet Love' From Quarantined Berklee College of Music Students


Virtual LoveMarch 24, 2020 Check out a virtual version of Burt Bacharach and Hal David's  "Love Sweet Love" by quarantined Berklee College of Music students. After seeing the video, Bacharach commented, "It's great seeing them find ways to be creative and stay connected to each other while maintaining social distance." 

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With self-isolation top of mind, David Vincent explains the differences between solitude and loneliness

  Globe and Mail

David VincentMarch 24, 2020 Ironic timing for a book on the History of Solitude to be published during COVID-19. Although we actively seek out some forms of solitude, like gardening, meditation and crosswords, imposed solitude and self-isolation can lead to loneliness. " 

READ MOREWith self-isolation top of mind, David Vincent explains the differences between solitude and loneliness


What Happens if the Supply Chain is Broken Due to COVID-19

 Food Dive 

Empty RefrigeratorMarch 23, 2020 While it is inevitable that restaurants and other social venues will be opening again, the process of recovery may depend upon the viability of the supply chain. This begins with farmers planting crops impacted labor shortages and access to the supply of seed, fertilizer and equipment. Once harvested, the crop will have to be transported by truckers to processors, packaging, warehousing, and ultimately delivered to the venues. Many of these chains will also be in the midst of seeking federal support and insurance claims held up by interpretation. Food inspections, especially from foreign sources, are being reduced. As attention to the restaurants, bars and entertainment venues and their staff is important, it will be a strong supply chain that will bring the jobs back. 

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Korean government advises closure of religious, sports, nightlife establishments for 2 weeks


Korea ParkMarch 23, 2020 South Korean government will add "teeth" to social distance rules. If sports and nightlife businesses don't comply with two-week closures til April 5, 2020, they can be fined for cost of hospitalization, treatment and quarantine. The same goes for patrons who visit high-risk businesses. While the rate of COVID-19 cases remains stable, authorities are concerned about a new wave of cases.

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  Seattle Government

Seattle Skyline March 20, 2020 Seattle Office of Film and Music has organized resources for the Seattle film, music, nightlife and events industries impacted by COVID-19. 



Coronavirus: Kiwi hospitality industry facing grim reality amid pandemic

  NZ Stuff

Restaurant SignMarch 23, 2020 Capacity for New Zealand bars and restaurants is capped at 100 during the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). The public has expressed concerns about bars and restaurants remaining open at all, while hospitality business operators report it's a struggle to even get 100 patrons at one time. The Restaurant Association of New Zealand reports bars and eateries are losing an estimated $10 million a week, with some restaurants reporting losses of more than 60%.

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Why Are We So Wired to Connect?

Greater Good Magazine 


March 23, 2020 A review of Matthew Lieberman Social: Why Our Brains Are Wired to Connect provides insights on the importance of social connections. The reviewer points out that Lieberman, a social neuroscientist at the University of California, Los Angeles, outlines the fascinating neurological evidence for the primacy of social connections in our lives. Lieberman’s research shows that “having social connection is as important to health outcomes as not smoking. Our experience of pain is lessened by the presence of those we love and our sense of worth is connected to our social standing more than to our monetary wealth. He cautions against working so hard or remaining so isolated that we eschew social ties.”

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Interview with Andrew Rigie, Executive Director of NY Hospitality Alliance, on what Nightlife Businesses Need to Survive

 Fox 5 Good Day N3

Restaurant SignMarch 23, 2020 Listen to Andrew Rigie, Executive Director of the NY Hospitality Alliance, review what New York City nightlife businesses need to survive. Suggestions include ordering take-out directly from businesses instead of through 3rd-party delivery services. Government needs to cap fees to 10%. Tip delivery workers well!


 READ MOREInterview with Andrew Rigie, Executive Director of NY Hospitality Alliance, on what Nightlife Businesses Need to Survive


Brown-Forman Corporation Today Announced a Donation of $1 Million to COVID-19 Response Funds



March 23, 2020 Brown Forman is donating to multiple relief funds to help save nightlife and hospitality industry employees and businesses. Donations have been made to Restaurant Workers' Community Foundation and US Bartenders Guild. “We are announcing today donations totaling $1 million that will enable us to give back to the people and communities that mean so much to our company," states Lawson Whiting, Chief Executive Officer, Brown-Forman Corporation. 

READ MOREBrown-Forman Corporation Today Announced a Donation of $1 Million to COVID-19 Response Funds


This will help me to save: Partygoers react as pubs, shebeens close shop

  City Press

House PartyMarch 22, 2020 South Africa nightlife businesses must close at 6pm under new rules. Many don't even open until 11pm. Business owners are concerned about how they will pay staff and keep their businesses afloat. Patrons are starting to host slumber parties at home in response, potentially increasing risk of spreading COVID-19.

 READ MOREThis will help me to save: Partygoers react as pubs, shebeens close shop


Coronavirus: bars in Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong’s nightlife hub will accept tougher measures if government helps with wages and rents, says mogul Allan Zeman

  South China Morning Post

Hong KongMarch 22, 2020 Hong Kong's Lan Kwai Fong nightlife district, which has 100 bars, clubs and restaurants, will agree to limited hours to help stop the spread of the novel coronavirus if the government agress to pay workers' salaries and helps owners with rent. Up until now, restaurants and bars have been operating as normal but carrying out extra sanitising measures.

 READ MORECoronavirus: bars in Hong Kong’s Lan Kwai Fong’s nightlife hub will accept tougher measures if government helps with wages and rents, says mogul Allan Zeman


Savannah bar managers prepare for closures due to COVID-19

 Fox 28 Media

SavannahMarch 20, 2020 Savannah nightlife came to a halt this past weekend as all bars and clubs were shut down on Saturday. Venues are hard hit, especially after Savannah's St. Patrick's Day festivities were cancelled. The festival usually generates enough revenue to tide over venues during the slow season.


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Getting alcohol delivered has never been easier in these states because of coronavirus

Sacramento Bee


March 20, 2020 Many states are allowing restaurants and bars to sell alcohol as take-out or delivery with food. Get a breakdown of states participating in regulatory relief. An example of how government can help save dining and entertainment businesses. In California,  restaurants can temporarily sell “beer, wine, and pre-mixed drinks or cocktails,” for delivery or pick-up if it has “a secure lid or cap” along with food, according to The Mercury News.

READ MOREGetting alcohol delivered has never been easier in these states because of coronavirus


Arts Ministers Meet in Race to Save The Music Industry from Collapse

 The Music Network

street musicians March 19, 2020 Australian leaders met to develop a coronavirus survival package for the music and arts sectors. The Support Act is already underway - a funding campaign to help arts workers and performers. Federal arts minister Paul Fletcher argued that the music industry "should be viewed with the same urgency as accorded to airlines and tourism."

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Restaurant Closing Checklist: COVID-19

 NYC Hospitality Alliance

Statue of LibertyMarch 19, 2020 Need a checklist for closing your restaurant? Check out this downloadable resource with tips on food safety, food inventory and tech. Information was compiled by the NYC Hospitality Alliance 

READ MORERestaurant Closing Checklist: COVID-19


Notice of Regulatory Relief

 California Alcoholic Beverage Control

Delivery GuyMarch 19, 2020 California bars and restaurants: you can now home deliver alcohol with food! One of the ways Governor Newsom has loosened alcohol laws. Businesses can also return unused alcohol to manufacturers and wholesalers. An example of how governments can provide regulatory relief for bars and restaurants. 

READ MORENotice of Regulatory Relief


Roland Dransfield launches #PayItForward to help beleaguered bars in wake of coronavirus

 Prolific North

PayitFowardMarch 18, 2020 #PayItForward by buying a gift voucher at your favorite bar and restaurant in Manchester, England. £1 from each voucher will go to Hospitality Action, the charity supporting mental health of hospitality industry staff. Initiative thanks to agency Roland Dransfield and Greater Manchester’s Night Time Economy Adviser, Sacha Lord.

READ MORERoland Dransfield launches #PayItForward to help beleaguered bars in wake of coronavirus


Emergency Funds for Freelancers, Creatives Losing Income During Coronavirus


DJ CoolMarch 18, 2020 Directory of relief funds to support Bay Area creative industry workers, freelancers, musicians, performing artists and nightlife workers.

READ MOREEmergency Funds for Freelancers, Creatives Losing Income During Coronavirus


SF Queer Nightlife Fund Launches to Bring Financial Relief to the Community


Golden Gate Bridge March 18, 2020 A fund has started to help queer nightlife artists and workers in San Francisco to provide financial relief during the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Bartenders, servers, nightlife entertainers, vendors, producers, organizers and many more qualify. Funds will be used to help pay for “life-line expenses,” such as rent and medical insurance. “The Bay Area is known worldwide as a center for amazing queer nightlife. Let's keep that nightlife alive by lending a helping hand to those who need our help in these trying times," states steering committee member Race Bannon.

READ MORESF Queer Nightlife Fund Launches to Bring Financial Relief to the Community


Coronavirus: Orlando, Ocala cops won’t enforce restaurant limits

 Central Florida News

Cop Image March 18, 2020 Orlando and Ocala, Florida police report they don't plan to enforce the 50% occupancy limits at restaurants. The hope is that businesses will voluntarily abide by the new rules set by Governor Ron DeSantis. The mayor doesn't believe people should be arrestsed for congregating in restaurants. 

READ MORECoronavirus: Orlando, Ocala cops won’t enforce restaurant limits


COVID-19 Shuts Down Bars and Nightclubs. Bradenton Liquor Stores are Picking Up the Slack

 Bradenton Herald 

Alcohol March 18, 2020 Liquor stores see skyrocketing sales as bars and nightclubs are forced to close in Florida. Liquor store managers report that yesterday (when nightlife venues were forced to close) was the biggest sales day since Christmas Eve. Yet who's going to cut off home drinkers when they've over-consumed? Bartenders play a critical role in nightlife venues, which are safer than unmonitored house parties.


 READ MORECOVID-19 Shuts Down Bars and Nightclubs. Bradenton Liquor Stores are Picking Up the Slack


How the Coronavirus Crisis Is Devastating New York City’s Nightlife Community


DJMarch 17, 2020 What does it mean for 25k NYC nightlife venues to temporarily close during #COVID19? Nightlife employs an entire economy of gig workers and freelancers - promoters, local and touring DJs, booking agents, lighting artists, door workers, security guards, and bartenders. Hospitality employees often live paycheck-to-paycheck with no safety net. "It’s a community of people who might not be comfortable working in traditional, or even tech, spaces. Instead, it’s a place where marginalized people, the trans community, and people of color have found stable and safe work."

READ MOREHow the Coronavirus Crisis Is Devastating New York City’s Nightlife Community


New York Nightlife Only Dropped 7% As Coronavirus Warnings Jumped, Foursquare Data Shows


Crowds of PeopleMarch 18, 2020 Do you think warnings about the spread of coronavirus stopped people from going out? Think again. Nightlife visits are only down 4% nationwide per FourSquare, despite warnings not to go out. Foot traffic to nightlife spots declined just 7% in New York and 15% in Los Angeles between 2/19-3/13 (prior to forced business closures).

READ MORENew York Nightlife Only Dropped 7% As Coronavirus Warnings Jumped, Foursquare Data Shows


NYC Bans Pooled Rides for Uber, Lyft, Via to Limit Coronavirus Spread

 NY Daily News

NYC SkylineMarch 17, 2020 Social distance rules apply to Uber, Lyft and Via in New York City to limit the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). Private rides will be allowed, but not shared/carpool rides for ride-share services. Uber senior vice president Andrew Macdonald said the company’s pool service had been suspended across the U.S. and Canada starting Tuesday 3/17/2020 in an effort to contain the virus.

READ MORENYC Bans Pooled Rides for Uber, Lyft, Via to Limit Coronavirus Spread


NY State Liquor Authority's Liberalized Alcohol Rules for Bars and restaurants in Response to COVID-19

NYC Hospitality Alliance

NYC March 17, 2020 New York State Liquor Authority )SLA) has liberalized alcohol rules in three key areas for bars and restaurants: Alcohol pick-up and delivery; license safekeeping; and returns of alcohol to wholesalers and manufacturers. Venues can sell alcohol to customers for pick-up and delivery if three conditions are met: (1) alcohol is in original container (e.g. bottle of wine) or a sealed container (e.g. mixed drink in a to-go cup); (2) wine and spirits are purchased with food; (3) bars and restaurants can make home deliveries if a copy of the venue's alcohol license is in the vehicle. If businesses make the decision to temporarily close their doors, they are not required to place their license in safekeeping with SLA, even though under normal circumstances you would be required to. Finally, alcohol purchased by a bar or restaurant between 3/1/20 and 3/17/20 may be returned to the wholesaler or manufacturer who they purchased the alcohol from in return for credit, at the option of the wholesaler or manufacturer. Wholesalers and manufacturers are not required to accept returns for credit, but if they do, they are required to do so for everyone. 

READ MORENY State Liquor Authority's Liberalized Alcohol Rules for Bars and restaurants in Response to COVID-1


Florida bars, nightclubs must close for next 30 days

Florida Today

Florida Beaches March 17, 2020 Florida's bars and nightclubs will be forced to close for 30 days starting at 5:00 p.m. on Tues, March 17th, 2020, Governor Ron DeSantis has announced. Restaurants will have to abide by new rules: they must limit their occupancy to 50%, keep groups of patrons 6 feet apart, groups cannot exceed 10 people, and employees will be screened with "trigger questions" for COVID-19 symptoms and recent travel history.


READ MORE: CoronaVirus Bevard County: Florida bars, nightclubs must close for next 30 days


B.C. Declares Public Health Emergency, Orders Bars and Nightclubs to Close

  National Post 

DC March 17, 2020 British Columbia has closed all bars and nightclubs. Cafes and restaurants must switch to take-out only or implement social distancing procedures to stop the spread of #COVID19. British Columbia declared a public health emergency Tuesday 3/17/2020 after reporting three new COVID-19 deaths and 83 more cases of the virus.


 READ MOREB.C. Declares Public Health Emergency, Orders Bars and Nightclubs to Close


What The Hell Are Bar And Restaurant Workers Supposed To Do For The Next Few Months?

 Buzzfeed News

SidewalkMarch 17, 2020 Adult lemonade stands with craft cocktails by the quart and drag shows from home are among the creative ways nightlife workers and business owners are coping with business closures during the spread of coronavirus. Service and hospitality workers are at a higher risk than many other professions of catching the coronavirus because of their close proximity to customers. Many often take public transportation to work, where they are then handling money, food, and drinks — often in enclosed spaces.

READ MOREWhat The Hell Are Bar And Restaurant Workers Supposed To Do For The Next Few Months?


Largest Taxi-Medallion Loan Creditor Pauses Collections for Shaken Industry

 Crain's New York Business

NYC TaxiMarch 17, 2020 New York City taxi drivers get a 30 day break from paying medallion loans to keep cars on the road during the COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic. Private equity firm, Marblegate Asset Management, recently purchased a portfolio of 3,500 distressed medallion loans.  



: Largest Taxi-Medallion Loan creditor pauses collections for Shaken Industry


NYC Night Mayor Ariel Palitz asking nightlife workers to report lost coronavirus income 


Team Building March 17, 2020 NYC Night Mayor Ariel Palitz is gathering information on lost income due to COVID-19 (coronavirus). The survey is for workers, performers, independent contractors, and business owners in New York City nightlife, including bars, live music venues, nightclubs, lounges, restaurants, and other social and cultural spaces. Information to be collected includes canceled shifts, gigs, events, and other lost business income, revenue, or work opportunities so that she can share details with city-wide policy makers about the impacts of business closures. Data will be anonymous and aggregated. 
READ MORE: NYC Night Mayor Ariel Palitz asking nightlife workers to report lost cornonavirus income 


Last call in New Orleans as police disperse crowds due to COVID-19 Restrictions

 Microsoft News

Bourbon StreetMarch 17, 2020 “I can’t give you Antoine’s on Grub Hub" laments a #NOLA biz owner after LA governor closes bars and restricts restaurants to take-out. Police have started to enforce the no-congregation rules on Bourbon Street, as revelers continued until last night to go out. Yet the spirit of #NOLA is one of resilience. They came back after 9/11 and Katrina; they'll return after #COVID-19. 


READ MORELast call in New Orleans as police disperse crowds due to COVID-19 Restrictions


State-by-State Impact of COVID-19 on Nightlife

USA Today

Corona Virus US MapMarch 16, 2020 Five states are requiring all bars and restaurants to close. Others are limiting bars and restaurants' occupancy or switching to delivery/take-out only. The governors in five states — California, Ohio, Illinois, Massachusetts and Washington — closed bars, restaurants and wineries in an effort to slow the spread of coronavirus. In other parts of the country, mayors of major cities ordered similar restrictions. Or, they have imposed curfews, 50% occupancy limits, and other restrictions. Check out the interactive map (continues to be updated) of the impact of #COVID19 on nightlife.

 READ MOREState-by-State Impact of COVID-19 on Nightlife



NY's 9-point Mitigation and Support Plan

NYC Hospitality Alliance

TeamworkMarch 16, 2020 NYC Hospitality Alliance developed a 9-Point Mitigation and Support Plan for NYC Restaurants and Nightlife Establishments in response to COVID-19. The goal is to sustain businesses and employees during the mandated shutdown of bars and restaurants on March 16, 2020 at 8:00 p.m. The mitigation and support plan proposes the following actions be taken: (1) Cap delivery fees by 3rd party platforms to 10% of the total order; (2) Suspend all rent payments and evictions for ground floor commercial tenants like restaurants and bars; (3) Government help fund typically employer-funded paid leave and sick leave; (4) Provide cash infusions and subsidies to businesses and consider a universal basic income system; (5) Suspend the payment of all taxes, fees, premiums and fines; (6) Waive the sidewalk cafe consent fees and eliminate its interest rate imposed on fees when restaurants opt to pay in multiple installments; (7) Suspend requirements that businesses provide employee schedules two-weeks in advance; (8) Permit businesses to open with a Temporary License in New York City while its application is going through the lengthy backlog at the SLA; (9) Allow all licenses and permits such as liquor licenses, sidewalk cafe licenses, Health Department permits, etc, to renew automatically without the payment of licensing fees. 

READ MORENY's 9-point Mitigation and Support Plan


Licensed London Taxi Drivers Wage War On Coronavirus

 London Loves Business

Nori taxi in LondonMarch 13, 2020 Need a taxi in London but scared of catching #COVID19? Noir Taxi, part of the Licensed London Taxis consortium, disinfects vehicle handles, credit card machines and passenger compartments after each ride. Unlike private hire cars (mini cabs), Noir Taxi has privacy glass, which provides added protection between drivers and passengers to prevent spread of coronavirus. This pre-book only service will be especially helpful for employees of key health and medical care industries. 

 READ MORELicensed London Taxi Drivers Wage War On Coronavirus


A Generational War Is Brewing Over Coronavirus 

 Microsoft News

March 17, 2020 Revolutions have a history starting in cafes and pubs. Today, an intergenerational conflict is emerging as young adults rebel against the mandate to avoid crowds, responding by packing bars, house parties and underground venues. As many in Europe and North America are just beginning to enter isolation, those in China are emerging with a drive for social connections. To reduce the risk, Italian police are breaking up parties and documenting everyone in attendance. While the threat of serious impacts is low for young people, they could be carriers and put older people at risk. Finding the balance between risk and social connections is a defining outcome of the crisis

 READ MOREA Generational War Is Brewing Over Coronavirus


Safety Tips For Festive Seasons


Festive SeasonDecember 3, 2019 Actively working towards reducing crime, rewarding excellence and raising the standards of alcohol licensed premises, Best Bar None of Edinburgh shares tips on how to stay safe during the festival season. Focused on a customer's quality of experience, Best Bar None aims to "ensure that everyone can enjoy a good and safe night out." Conscious of how quickly a great night can take a dangerous turn, Best Bar None emphasizes and promotes responsible management and encourages that venues take the responsibility of placing their visitors' safety at the top of their priority list.

READ MOREBest Bar None shares tips on how to stay safe in Edinburgh throughout the festive season


Leading the Nation: Rich Leisure & Makeup Culture


asian makeup

December 3, 2019 Known for its energetic nightlife, the city of Changsha, China is leading the national trend with its makeup culture. Gaining popularity through male beauty bloggers on Tik Tok, many women are seeking a "Cinderella" treatment late at night. In support of its increasingly important role in China's nighttime economy, the State Council of China issued twenty measures last August to support business activities. Jiefang West Road in downtown Changsha has more than 200 bars and continues to expand into a booming nighttime industry.

READ MOREAcross China: Make-up artists dream big in China's thriving nighttime economy


We're Recycled Teenagers: We've Retired, Not Expired

 Positive Outlooks Blog

Recycled TeenagerNovember 19, 2018 London’s Posh Club creates an atmospheric crossover between the young and older generations. What initially began as a tea party for one senior and her friends flourished into “a glamorous cabaret for older folk” that builds a sense of belonging and addresses the issues of loneliness and isolation. Posh Club aims to unite a happier and healthier community. For the older folks do not stop the party, "I call us recycled teenagers. We've retired, not expired."

READ MOREThis Nightclub for the Elderly is Fighting Loneliness with Tea Party Disco


WRAP SoberRide

 Police Chief Magazine

sober ride

December 2019 Aimed to strengthen awareness of local impaired driving laws, WRAP's SoberRide program has emphasized the importance of seeking alternative arrangements to get home safely. After partnering with the ride-share service, Lyft, SoberRide has given an indicator of success, especially on major drinking holidays in which the number of riders have tripled. Confirmed to be an indispensable tool, SoberRide has helped WRAP establish a reputation of preventing "would-be drunk drivers" from driving in Washington D.C. Metropolitan Area.


 READ MORETraffic Safety Initiatives: SoberRide—Enhancing Enforcement Efforts Since 1982


Better Serving the Adults of their Population: Macon, GA


macon g

January 1, 2020 Macon, Georgia's businesses are booming this holiday season. Ranging from dance clubs to restaurants, downtown Macon has a variety of social options. New downtown residents are expected soon as hundreds of new lofts are being developed in the area. With the development of thirty new businesses in the past five years, downtown Macon has become an attractive destination for the holiday season in Middle Georgia.


READ MOREDowntown Macon's Growing Nightlife Attracts More People During the Holidays


Providence, Rhode Island Launches Campaign: First Night Mayor

 The Christian Science Monitor

Ice Rink

December 16, 2019 Providence, Rhode Island launched a campaign to appoint the city's first night mayor in hopes to "decompress and destress" the night. Jim Peters, president of the Responsible Hospitality Institute stated, “Once you get people to see that the issues and the opportunities at night are really something that have to be planned, rather than policed, then you’re going to have a much more successful social economy." Following in the footsteps of other cities around the world, Providence leaders are hopeful that a night mayor could advocate and initiate changes to better address quality of life issues downtown.

 READ MOREThe ‘Other 9 to 5’: Cities See Nightlife From a New Angle


Growing Part of the Economy

 BBC World Service

Ice Rink

November 17, 2019 The United Kingdom's nighttime economy is the fifth-biggest industry and accounts for at least 8% of the UK's employment and revenue. With a nighttime economy growing at a rate of 2.2%, city leaders created a position dedicated to the industry. Amy Lamé, TV presenter and performer, was appointed London's first "night czar" in 2016. In charge of the city between 6:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., Ms. Lamé hopes to ensure London's grassroots live music venues thrive. Conversely, Tony Keith Jones of Centre of Coventry, argues that local authorities are ignoring higher crime levels. A report by the London Assembly's police and crime committee found that the "area with the most night-time violence with injury offences, tend to be those with a strong night-life economy."

 READ MOREThe Growing Importance of the Night-Time Economy


An Innovative, Community-Based Initiative: NYC Lower East Side

  Brooklyn Vegan

East Side BrookOctober 23, 2019 New York City's Office of Nightlife and Mayor Bill de Blasio propose a "late night quality of life improvement plan" to accommodate the needs of its residential community in an area where nightlife thrives, the Lower East Side. Often referred to as Hell's Square, Blasio aims to deconstruct the accusation that the Lower East Side is "ruining the neighborhood" by implementing an innovative and community-based initiative. The plan includes improvements in parking regulations, a new litter removal and a "night owl" etiquette campaign to remind bar-goers that people live nearby.

 READ MORE: Lower East Side “late night quality of life improvement plan” announced by de Blasio


Reframe the Night: Changing the Culture of Sexual Harassment 

  Hackney Citizen

Reframe the nightNovember 22, 2019 London's Town Hall, the City of London Corporation, and the Good Night Out campaign have launched a 'Reframe the Night' campaign to challenge and reconstruct views on sexual harassment—placing blame on perpetrators, rather than victim-blaming. Myths about behaviors during 'nights out' are deconstructed as Good Night Out works with local venues to understand sexual harassment and better respond to unwanted sexual behavior. Reframe the Night posters promote self-advocacy by including information on how to report incidents, numbers for advice services and a rebuttal to the common accusation, "If you go out dressed like that, what do you expect?" 
READ MORETown Hall launches sexual harassment crackdown ahead of festive party season


Opinion on What Sydney Needs to do to Support Creatives 

  Sydney Morning Herald

November 24, 2019 Sydney, Australia, like many cities throughout the world is struggling to define a policy approach to maintain a safe nightlife experience as residential development is overshadowing commitment to cultural preservation.
Josh Pyke is an ARIA award-winning singer/songwriter and children's author who outlines his suggestion for Sydney to build on the many benefits to residents and visitors in the city with an investment in preservation and support of small venues. Pyke makes the case that while the city has venues for large performances 2,000+, the smaller 300 seat venues cannot survive financially with the price of real estate rising. 
He refers to Berlin and other cities as examples where cultural space, pop-up-venues, and other government supported venues achieve this goal. 
READ MOREHow I'd improve Sydney: Let's make this a city where artists thrive, not just survive  


Stirring the Pot: Diners, Put Down the Phone!


November 21, 2019 Jamey Fader, founding chef of Lola Coastal Mexican, shares his insights on the top messages he wants to send to restaurant guests. Chief among them is to "put down the phone" to reduce conflicts with other guests, as well as show respect to the service staff trying to take an order.


Be prepared to place your appetizer and drink order, and then take time to review the rest of the menu. This is more efficient for the service and kitchen staff, and assures a more even flow of getting your meal.


Drinking responsibly and bringing any concerns about food or service directly to staff and management than shouting from your table or posting to social media are other suggestions.


READ MORE: Stirring the Pot: Diners, Put Down the Phone!


Seven Takeaways from Global Cities After Dark Event 

The Music Network

November 20, 2019 Global Cities After Dark Sydney was presented by the Electronic Music Conference (EMC) & VibeLab and supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW, the City of Sydney and The Ticket Fairy. The program convened global leaders that formulated seven major takeaways. A unique approach among recommendations from the sessions was to eradicate the “culture of complaint”. Another discussion led music fans, businesses and others recommending to work at changing the culture of bureaucracies from a ‘No, because’ to a ‘Yes, if’ so they can become more creative. Following the impact of "Lockout Laws" the participants developed a One Year, Five Year and Ten year plan for Sydney's nightlife. 

READ MORE: 7 Major Takeaways from Global Cities After Dark in Sydney  


Book Author Shares History of Vancouver's Nightlife

Vancouver Courier

November 20, 2019 Like many cities throughout the world, the drive for more dense residential development in city centers is resulting in loss of traditional and historic nightlife venues. Book author Aaron Chapman is interviewed about his study on the sagas of dozens of nightclubs, bars and dance halls through the ages, every place from the Cave to the Starfish Room, Oil Can Harry’s to the Smilin’ Buddha. He observed Vancouver still has nightlife, but sometimes somebody needs to tell people, "Hey, the party isn’t over there — it’s down here.” Sometimes you just need a guide or somebody to let you know where things are happening." Among the places that have closed, he comments the places were important not just because great talent, or world-renowned performers played in them — it’s where we as Vancouverites went to meet and interact with one another

READ MORE: Vancouver After Dark Colorfully Documents a Century of Our City’s Nightlife?  


Challenges in College Cities

WHZU News and Talk Radio

All Things Equal

November 19, 2019 In this week’s episode of “All Things Equal,” host Gary Stewart is joined by guest Jim Peters, founder and president of the Responsible Hospitality Institute to talk about nightlife in college towns and more..

The show explores lessons learned by RHI and presented in the Sociable City Guide for College Communities. Four primary challenges covered in the online guide, with case studies and examples of strategies include: Off-campus Housing, Party Buses, Sexual Assault and Pre-loading. 

READ MORE: All Things Equal College Cities  


Noisy Nightlife in Brooklyn

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

November 18, 2019 As residential development in Manhattan drove nightlife to the neighbor borough Brooklyn there is growing concern about late-night sound and noise disturbances. A group of residents appealed to the state licensing board to restrict new alcohol licenses in the Greenport neighborhood. One concern expressed at a community forum was a request by a laundromat to receive a permit to serve alcohol. 

Another concern is the use of backyards by cafes for outdoor seating and entertainment. One resident noted "we feel inundated and we feel invaded, and the privacy and simplicity of our lives is being violated, and it’s coming at us from all angles.” 

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More Police to Patrol Huddersfield Town Centre 

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Nighttime Police

November 7, 2019 Adding more police to patrol nightlife districts is not always the most effective strategy unless coordinated with community organizations and venue operators. Huddersfield is noting reduction in crime in disorder with coordinated deployment.

According to Inspector Graham Dyson, "These patrols are foot patrols allowing officers to get out on the streets, engage with groups of people enjoying the town centre, and ensure that any persons who look to cause trouble, or may have had one or two too many are identified early and either given assistance or dealt with to ensure incidents don’t escalate later in the night." 

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Seattle's First Opportunity Zone

   Seattle Times

Seattle Opportunity Zone MapOctober 16, 2019 Cities throughout the world are driving development of a technology economy to attract sustainable industries and higher paying jobs. When successful, demand for housing increasing, increasing housing costs and driving middle and lower income workers out of the city to find more affordable housing.The Opportunity Zones program was marketed as a way to help poor communities by offering major capital-gains tax breaks for investors to invest in 8,000 designated low-income census tracts, with the promise of more jobs and housing. Instead, the program has been criticized as a benefit to the developers and the wealthy with upscale housing and hotel properties, taking away whatever housing in the area for the workers who staff the hospitality industry. Seattle in taking a different approach in key neighborhoods throughout the city, focusing instead on housing development for the hospitality industry workers, students, and others in need due to the high cost of living in this technology centered city.

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Accessibility To All

  BBC News

Wheels In motionApril 16, 2019 - In early June 2019, Matt Pierri launched an app with intentions to enhance awareness in social places for people with disabilities. The focus of this application is to provide descriptions of accessibility at most or all venues in Oxnard, England.  Entrances, specific dimensions of doors and restrooms, the quantity of steps required to enter venues and if venues provide accessible ramps. This application would then facilitate the options that are most equitable and convenient for people with access needs. SociAbilty is trying to decrease barriers so that all people will have a limitless accessibility to social venues. 

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Vibrant Delray Beach Seeks Safe Ways To Party

  Sun Sentinel

Delray Beach NightlifeMarch 23, 2019  Delray Beach is struggling with success after becoming a nightlife destination for both locals and tourists. The local city commissioner Ryan Boylston states, that Delray Beach has many antiquated rules they need to address. Occupancy numbers has been the primary issue, though noise has been aided to be an issue for locals because crowds stay in their parking lots even after the club closes at 4am. This is a raising issue, as it had lead to impact locals who neighbor these venues. Delray officials have began to question the following: How do we regulate evening destinations?

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CleanRiver: Use, Recycle & Repeat

 Recycling Solutions 

Pizza PartyMarch 20, 2019 Ever noticed that your square pizza box doesn’t fit into trash receptacles on the street? CleanRiver highlights this issue and has begun alternative ways to reduce waste and create sustainability in your city. Such city’s like: City of Toronto, City of Vancouver and San Francisco have adapted to this composting program, aiming to build awareness and change in the ways we consume and dispose; considering that census states, “3 billion pizzas are sold in the U.S every year” (CleanRiver Solutions), this means we are throwing a lot of pizza boxes away.

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Beijing Nighttime Spending Surges 


Bejings festivals April 8, 2019  Beijing’s city government has reported a 50% increase in nighttime spending on food and drinks yearly, during the 3-day long Qingming Festival. Beijing’s festival has attracted an expansion and contribution of tourism to Beijing’s economy which is causing this urgency among the government to have malls, supermarkets and convenience stores to stay open later. By the looks of this incremented profit, it can be stated that the nighttime economy might be Beijing's new driver for consumption. 

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Redlight District 

  Global News 

Red light districtJuly 13, 2019 Two decades ago, Netherlands legalized prostitution, making Amsterdam a destination for tourists in the city's red-light district. Today, Femke Halsema, the first female mayor of Amsterdam wants to improve the red-light district for sex workers. She has proposed elimination of all window displays of sex workers. She states, "I think a lot of women who work there feel humiliated, laughed at and that's one of the reasons we are thinking about changing."There will be four options presented to residents and businesses this month: ending street window displays, stepping up licensing of window workers, reducing the number of city-centre brothels, closing brothels down altogether or moving them elsewhere. While the mayor perceives that this process is the best for the protection of sex workers; sex workers feel 'lukewarm' about this step. Foxxy Angel, a sex worker & member of PROUD, an organization defending sex workers' interests, states that if they close the windows then all sex workers will go underground, and they’ll need more people to regulate that..."

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Manchester Becoming a Residential City 

  Manchester: Evening News 

ManchesterApril 8, 2019 For more than a decade Great Manchester has had to face a striking demand of new homes, due to an increase of population and migration. It is estimated that by 2025 Great Manchester will have 100,000 people living in the city centre but is this city ready for such transformation? According to the nighttime economy adviser for Manchester Sach Lord, there must be wider experiences, than just new homes. In other words, thinking about a variety of venues where locals and future tourists can socialize. This will naturally lead Manchester in an uproar within their nighttime economy.

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Restoring Australia's Vibrant Night-Time Economy


Sydney Restoring November 29, 2019 Sydney, Australia hopes to restore the vibrancy of its nightlife by removing "lock-out laws." Gladys Berejiklian, New South Wales premier, announced pubs' trading hours would be extended and after-midnight drinking would be granted in most of central Sydney. Sydney's laws are scheduled to take effect January 14, 2020 to reestablish a strong, vibrant nighttime economy.

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It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas in Macon, Georgia


Macon Georgia November 30, 2019 Macon, Georgia's annual Main Street Christmas Light Extravaganza starts off this holiday season with a live concert from the Macon Pops. For the past three years, the Christmas Light Extravaganza has filled the streets of Poplar Street and Third Street, accumulating 300,000 people in the past two years. Large crowds gather to watch singing trees and the orchestra's Christmas melodies synchronized to the flashing lights. Scheduled to occur every night until January 3rd, more than half a million tiny lights will light up downtown Macon every night, beginning at 6:00 p.m. up until 11:00 p.m.

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Park Nightlife: A Rare Sight in the U.S.

  City Lab 

Lead LargeJune 14, 2019 Nighttime socializing is not an unusual scene in urban parks around the world. Gyeongui Line Forest Park of Seoul provides a safe and welcoming place for families after dark. Similarly, Paris introduced its “cooling initiative” to encourage people to enjoy the outdoors in the evening without the threat of excessive heat. In focusing to improve conditions after dark, Americans can rebrand parks as being safe spaces. Programs such as LA's Summer Night Lights and Parks after Dark have statistically reduced violence and improved community relations with local authorities and neighbors. Evening activities in parks can promote and improve safety.

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