Updates on the Impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on the Nightlife Ecosystem

Fight, Protect, and Preserve Music: REVS 2021

Music Cities Together Square Space

REVS 2021

December 10, 2020 The Reopen Every Venue Safely (REVS) initiative was created by music policy forums in the face of the pandemic. Considering how important arts, heritage, culture and venues are to the quality of life and the economy, REVS aims to fight, protect, and preserve music. REVS is ready to set the stage as soon as its safe enough to do so.

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Sociable City News Presents: The November 2020 Nightlife Recap


SCN News

December 10, 2020 It's that time of the month. Your Sociable City News source is out! Check out this month's latest November  2020 Recap that showcases how cities around the globe are adjusting to this winter season. See all the neat stuff you missed!

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RHI Sociable City Vision Summit

  RHI Web

SC Summit 2021

December 10, 2020 Now is the time to reimagine the future of sociability and the social economy! What better place to find and create solutions than the Sociable City Summit in March of 2021? Additionally, get exclusive access to seven cities showcasing their approach to revitalization post-COVID.


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Save the Rave: Support Your Favorite London Clubs

The Tab

Save The Rave

December 8, 2020 Looking for a new way to support the nightlife industry? The I Love Student Nights group has launched #SaveTheRave to protect their beloved London nightlife scene. With a purchase of a Save the Rave t-shirt, 100% of profits will go to Night Time Industries Association.

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Singapore Nightlife Pilot Kicks Off: 3 Bars and Pubs Reopen

Channel News Asia

Sing PilotDecember 8, 2020 Singapore's Ministry of Home Affairs and Ministry of Trade and Industry are jump starting their Nightlife Pilot program! With 3 bars and pubs set to reopen and stay open for 2 months, we are excited to see what will come next. Safe management measures will still be in place, including: no intermingling with other groups, only 5 persons per group and at least 1 meter of distance between customers.

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Dubai's Soho Garden Opens Brand-New Hops Garden

  Time Out Dubai

Dub Soho

December 7, 2020 Striving to keep its spot as the leading entertainment destination, Dubai is creating new spaces to enhance your experience. Dubai's racecourse, Meydan, has opened up a Hops Garden! State of the art entertainment includes a large screen, a live stage for performances, craft hopes, etc. You name it!

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Miami Beach Wrestles with the Beach Entertainment District

 ReMiami Beach

Miami Wrestles

December 5, 2020 Miami hopes to elevate its cultural district with these new suggestions: a long-term pedestrianization, a code enforcement unit, higher police presence and attracting more compliant operators. Mayor Dan Gelber, along with other commissioners, agree that the "anything goes" atmosphere is quite frustrating.

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Macon-Bibb County Partners with RHI


RHI Macon

November 30, 2020 Reimagining what could be post-COVID. That is exactly what Macon, Georgia is doing. Macon Bibb County has partnered with the Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI) to reimagine their nightlife. After several studies have been conducted within the city, Macon, with the help of RHI, is set to implement structural changes at the start of 2021.

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Dining Tents Vs. Indoor Dining

Star Tribune

Tents vs IndoorNovember 24, 2020 Is outdoor dining safer than indoor dining? According to experts, outdoor structures that are poorly ventilated are no different than indoor facilities. Air must be allowed to circulated through the structure in order to be deemed safe. Things you can do to keep patrons safe: clean the structures between groups, air it out for at least 20 minutes, and only allow the structures to be shared by those from the same household.

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New York City Hospitality Alliance Proposes 7 New Policies

NYC Alliance 7

November 23, 2020 Financial relief is needed to save nightlife and its economy. Andrew Rigie of the New York City Alliance has proposed seven policies to help keep New York restaurants and nightlife venues afloat such as, converting sales tax into grants, having clearer communication between government policy changes and business owners, free personal protective equipment and covid testing, plus more.  

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Roblox Presents: The Lil Nas X Concert Experience


Nas XNovember 11, 2020 Sure you've heard of virtual concerts. But check this one out! Lil Nas X & Roblox Columbia Records created its 1st immersive game-based concert, replicating the artist's music video visuals & worlds for a real social experience! 

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Safe Bars: De-Escalation for Hospitality Staff

  Safe Bars

Safe BarsNovember 11, 2020 Hospitality workers are at the forefront of enforcing COVID regulations, but not every interaction is met with compliance. So how do you handle this? Join Defend Yourself Safe Bars: De-Escalation Workshop & be a part of the conversation! 

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Nightlife in Moscow to Close After 11 pm as COVID-19 Cases Spike in the Russian Capital - NY Pilot Russia And Former Soviet Union

  New York Pilot 

Moscow curfewNovember 10, 2020 Many leaders worldwide have implemented nightlife curfews in hopes of slowing COVID transmission rates. Moscow, Mos Sobyanin has officially set an 11 pm curfew for all venues until Jan 15th, 2021. All aboard the curfew train!

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COVID-19 Hasn't Killed the Club - But it's Given Us An Opportunity to Bring Nightlife Back From the Brink 


NIghtclub BCNovember 9, 2020 90 percent of nightlife businesses are at risk of closing due to COVID-19! But some say nightclubs were already in trouble. This Co-op author argues that clubs used to be cool & less commercialized. Solution: be intentional about the nightlife you create!

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Nightlife Pilot's Details Announced Including Wearing Mask on Dance Floor


Singapore November 09, 2020 We all love a good pilot! Singapore's government has proposed a nightlife pilot program to kick-start its recovery & reopen nightlife businesses. Local residents & workers with negative COVID tests are welcome. We are excited to see how this goes!

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The Global Nighttime Recovery Plan Innovating for 24 Hour Cities - Chapter 3


Vibe  lab Chapter 3November 5, 2020 How do you develop a lively 24-hour city? Check out this recovery plan for answers! Vibe Lab Network released Chapter 3 of its Global Nighttime Recovery Plan - offering tips on how to activate, illuminate, & develop inclusive movement after dark.

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If Restaurants Go, What Happens to Cities?

  The New York Times

Restaurants in Cities November 3, 2020 Restaurants are critical social spaces! They're a key element in the urban transformation that attracts people downtown. But if you can't go out to eat, why live in the city? Experts suggest the city may not be a viable place anymore.

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End of Mandatory Masks Outside Flagged as Victoria Records COVID-Free Weekend

  9 News

Victoria reopensNovember 1, 2020 And they're off! With zero transmission in 2 days, Victoria, Australia is taking the lead. Mask mandates have been eased & a $200 dollar discount back to work plan is set to bring back tourism. Way to go Australia! 

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Propane Heaters are the New Toilet Paper

  Fast Company

Propane Toilet PaperOctober 28, 2020 Are propane heaters the new toilet paper? High in demand, but hard to obtain. New York restaurants are rethinking outdoor dining layouts to keep patrons warm, but will winterization costs be too much? Time to BYOB (bring your own BLANKET)!

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Work From Home Fallout: Productivity Up, Innovation Down


Team InnovationOctober 18, 2020 Is innovation better done in person or virtually? Boston Consulting Group & KRC Research study shows 82% of remote teams saw productivity levels increase, but innovative spirits decline. Frequent convos & personal connections are critical for team innovation.

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Seoul Nightlife Revives After Easing of Social Distancing

 Daily Motion

Seoul reopens October 16, 2020 Music & bright lights fill streets as Seoul bars & clubs reopen for the 1st time in 2 months. Even w/ the easing of physical distancing regulations, temperature checks, masks & check-in QR codes are the only way you're getting around.

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'It's Turned A Negative Into A Positive': How Parklets Have Changed the

 The Face of SF For the Better


Page Bar in SfOctober 14, 2020 If you can't bring the patron to the bar, bring the bar to the patron! San Francisco restaurants are showcasing their creativity with full-blown indoor experiences, OUTSIDE! Check out these cool design ideas made for the cooler weather.

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Bar Co-Owned by Guy Trying to 'Set Gold Standard' For Safe Reopening Fined

  Washington City Paper

Casta Rum B arOctober 14, 2020 Imagine this: you're a bar owner & curfew says no drinks after 12 AM. 5 patrons are still finishing their last drink & it's 12:15. Do you 1) rush them or 2) let them finish? Casta Rum Bar owner is fined with an infraction of $1000 for patrons after hours. Any thoughts?

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How the Pandemic Put a Lid on New Orlean's Outdoor Drinking Culture


New Orleans October 14, 2020 If New Orleans were a person, they'd be the life of the party! Known for its culture & flavor, this city is a top destination for most. See how COVID has slowed the festivities & how phase 3 is underway. 2021 Mardi Gras celebration is coming soon!

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This Map Tells You If You Live in a '15 Minute City'


15 min CIty MapOctober 14, 2020 Do you live in a 15-min city? Pitched by cities worldwide & the Mayor of Paris, this concept aims to improve sustainability & health by highlighting location & proximity.

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Could a New 'New Deal' Put Artists to Work Shaping the City?


Art deal October 13, 2020 How many arts & creative sector jobs have been lost in NY? If your answer is > 208,000, you are correct. That's $8.5 billion in monthly earnings! There's a need for gov-funded art project opportunities - as was the case 85 years ago

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Top Chefs Campaign for Official Minister for Hospitality to be Introduced


Minister of Hospitality October 12, 2020 Could the UK be welcoming a minister for hospitality? Top chefs say a minister is essential, the voice of the hospitality industry in parliament.100,000 must sign before the role can be considered. Link to petition:

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Grandmas Keep Beloved Staten Island Restaurant Going, One Jar of Sauce at a Time

  The City

October 12, 2020 Who doesn't love grandmas cooking? Staten Island Enotecamaria is home to Nonnas of the world, a rotating posse of grandmas w/ roots from all around! COVID-19 took over the city, but these nonnas are back part-time, creating homestyle sauces.

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The British Hotels Turning the 10 PM Curfew on its Head, From Cocktail Carts to Doughnut Deliveries

  The Telegraph 

Hotel Lights Out October 12, 2020 Creative incentives make the current 'lights out' order more bearable. Whether it’s the cocktail carts, warm Nutella bombolinis, or the reinvented in-room pantry, check out how these hotels are holding up through the 10 PM curfew.

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Last Call For Racism Takes Aim at Lavelle and Toronto's Nightlife Industry


Last Call for Racism October 11, 2020 This is the LastCall4Racism in Toronto! A group of people are taking a stance to stop racism in nightlife & restaurants. Founder of the movement, Rosa Jason, says the 1st step in defining a desired future state is accountability.

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Luxury Thai Hotels Opening in Pandemic Bet on 5-Star Quarantine


Thai Luxury October 9, 2020 Quarantine in a 5-star hotel? Yes, please! Thailand is focusing on boosting its economy by resetting the tourism industry. Luxury hotels are set to open its doors to new visa long-staying visitors, high spenders & medical travelers.

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Confirmed: Dublin's Christmas Lights Will Go Up This Year

   FM104 News

DubTown LightsOctober 9, 2020 Wow! Is it nearing the end of the year already? The holidays are near & Dublin is ready to light up the town. Well, 26 cities to be exact! Start your Christmas shopping early to avoid the December rush!

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The Patio at Dead Bird is Heating Up Thanks to Enhancements like "Snow Globes"


Snow Globe Heater October 8, 2020 Who knew snow globes could be this warm? Wisconsin, Dead Bird Brewing embraces the swift cool weather w/ these umbrella-style snow globe heaters on their physically distanced patio. Feel warm & cozy as temps drop below 55 degrees!

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Sandmount Cycle Lane to go Ahead Despite Opposition


Cycle Lane October 7, 2020 How has mobility changed in your city amid the pandemic? Dublin City Council initiated a 2-way cycle track as part of a 6 month COVID-19 mobility pilot, reducing car traffic to one lane. Will this bring traffic to residential areas?

READ MORESandmount Cycle Lane to go Ahead Despite Opposition


'Cities as Friendly to Strangers as Towns and Villages'


Dropped itemOctober 7, 2020 The pattern of sociability is not geographic, but rather based on the wealth of an area! UCL psychologists carried out experiments in 37 locations in England, Scotland & Wales. The result: Locals are just as sociable to strangers!

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Bringing Back Nightlife in Miami

   NBC Miami

Miami MyntOctober 7, 2020 Does it cost biz more to reopen during the midst of a pandemic w/ a Curfew? South Beach Mynt Nightclub owner says, "Anything is better than nothing but curfews do come at a price!" Thoughts? Are curfews an effective strategy in nightlife?

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New York's DJs on the Chaotic Future of Clubbing


NYC DJS October 7, 2020 Doors are closed, nightlife is on pause, but what does that mean for young DJs? Whether defining their style, breaking down stereotypes, or sharing resources - these DJs are finding ways to channel their energy.

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Two Months After Explosion, Beirut Nightlife Scene Struggles to Return

  France 24 

Beirut ExplosionOctober 7, 2020 Around 2,100 bars & restaurants were affected by the Beirut explosion 2 months ago.Today, 10 out of 60 bars have reopened in Mar Mikhael Beirut - one of the liveliest neighborhoods. We are hopeful that this is just the beginning

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 'Circuit Breaker' Lockdown Will Destroy Pub and Restaurant Jobs

  Daily Record  

Scotland October 6, 2020 Responsible Hospitality biz are part of the solution! Scotland Hospitality Sector leaders beg to not be hit w/ Circuit Breaker shut down. It will only drive socializing underground w/ no PPE or physical distancing & pubs to the ground!

READ MORENicola Sturgeon Warned 'Circuit Breaker' Lockdown Will Destroy Pub and Restaurant Jobs


Main Street Design Challenge Playbook 

   Bring Back Main Street  

Main Street October 6, 2020 Need some inspiration on how to revitalize your city? CANURB & RAIC_IRAC may have a solution for you! Choose from 47 design solutions that showcase creativity & practical interventions in the Main Street Design Playbook! 

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Americans Are Drinking 14% More Often During Pandemic, Study Finds


quarantine binge drinking October 5, 2020 Whether it's a quarantini or Zoom happy hours, Americans seem to be drinking more. JAMA network open study shows adults ages 30-80 are drinking 14% more than other yrs. Could these self-reported results be untrue to fit societal expectations?

READ MOREAmericans Are Drinking 14% More Often During Pandemic, Study Finds


Farmington Council to Consider Social Districts

  Farmington Voice

Farmington Social districts October 4, 2020 Have you considered a social district in your city? Farmington Michigan City Council is thinking about implementing social districts outside of bars & restaurants where patrons can grab a few drinks..

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Top 5 Markets That Were Missing Out on Nightlife Prior to COVID-19

Alicia Scholer October 4, 2020 Have you considered a social district in your city? Farmington Michigan City Council is thinking about implementing social districts outside of bars & restaurants where patrons can grab a few drinks..

READ MORETop 5 Markets That Were Missing Out on Nightlife Prior to COVID-19


RHI’s Sociable City News – September 2020


SCNOctober 4, 2020 Did you miss out on these TOP September News stories? Need a quick recap? Check out Sociable City News - a snapshot of what's going on in nightlife news around the world w/ Liliana Live!

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New York Government Urge Senate to Pass the 'Save Our Stages' Act 


NYC SOSOctober 2, 2020 Live venues are the heart & soul of New York, but can they weather the storm much longer w/out federal aid? In hopes of preserving & protecting biz, jobs & NY's culture, Ariel Palitz & Justin Brannan urge the senate to pass Save Our Stages Act! 

READ MORENew York Government Urge Senate to Pass the 'Save Our Stages' Act 


Responsible Hospitality Network of Leading Hotel Companies Relaunches as the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance

  Hospitality Net

Hospitality NetOctober 1, 2020 Sustainable Hospitality Alliance & Green Hotelier have launched a renewed vision of Responsible Hospitality for a better world. United Nations Sustainable Development goals say now is the time for nations, businesses, & people to take global action to address social & environmental issues.

READ MORE: Responsible Hospitality Network of Leading Hotel Companies Relaunches as the Sustainable Hospitality Alliance


Seattle Waves Farewell to its Night Mayor

  The Stranger 

ScottOctober 1, 2020 Traveling can help disrupt anxiety & racing thoughts. But in these times how do we escape when we are expected to stay in? A joyful escape could be closer than you think. Small excursions can be as lavish as traveling abroad. 

READ MOREJenny Durkan Killed the Night Mayor


How Will COVID Impact this Year's Ski Season? More Face Masks and Less Après Ski

  The Wall Street Journal 

Ski SeasonOctober 1, 2020 How might winter sports be affected this year? The winter season is nearing - wearing masks, gloves & googles is a norm. So skiing might seem like an ideal activity this season, right? Not right, this sport may include risky behavior.

READ MOREHow Will COVID Impact this Year's Ski Season? More Face Masks and Less Après Ski


Is Livestreaming Taking the Place of Live Music Venues?

   Hype Bot

Streaming TechOctober 1, 2020 Music livestreaming has become a social norm amid the pandemic, but is it here to stay? This co-op author says live music venues are closing permanently and big tech companies intend to keep it that way. What do you make of this theory?

READ MOREIs Livestreaming Silicon Valley's Way of Killing Live Music Venues? [OP-ED]


The Riskiest Activities to Engage in Amid the Pandemic


Risk Activity ChartOctober 1, 2020 How risky is it to get takeout? How about going to a casino? An airplane? Check out this chart that gives you a break down on the riskiest activities to engage in, according to over 500 epidemiologists and health professionals.

READ MORECoronavirus Riskiest Activities


New York's Economy Depends Heavily on its Restaurant Industry

  Gov Delivery

NYCOctober 1st, 2020 New York's restaurant industry is vital to its economy! A recent report found that taxable sales fell 71% and jobs dropped from 317,800 to 91,000. Within 16 different neighborhoods, it was noted that 70-90% of restaurants workers are immigrants. Closures are likely to impact immigrants disproportionately. New policies are needed to save businesses and New York's economy. 

READ MOREDinapoli: Restaurant Industry Critical to New York City's Economy


Cancun: A Top Destination in Today's COVID Era

Travel Off Path

Cancun Dest

September 27, 2020 Can you guess which city is a top destination in today's COVID-19 world? If you guessed, Cancun, you hit the nail on the head -- seeing more than 200 flights per day! Will more flock to the tropical destination as temperatures continues to drop?

READ MORECancun has Become One of the Top Destinations in the World During the Pandemic


SF'S Amplified Sound as Part of City's Reopening 

   SF. GOV  

SF JAMSeptember 25, 2020 Anyone in the mood to JAM? I know SF is! London Breed launched a temp permit program to just add music to enhance shared spaces & other outdoor locations. Looking to apply? Look no further, here's the link:

READ MOREMayor London Breed Announces Program for Outdoor Entertainment and Amplified Sound as Part of City's Reopening


Cares For Music: Cares Relief Initiative

Sound Diplomacy 

Cares For Music

September 23, 2020 19.3% of the Cares Relief has been allocated, but in some states less than 1% is being used! Sound Diplomacy and Gener8tor have launched Cares For Music initiative to help mobilize and provide financial relief to musicians, music venues, theatres, and music businesses. Available at:

READ MORECares For Music 


What Will Socializing Look Like During the Winter Season?


Winter Fall

September 23, 2020 As temperatures begin to drop, it becomes less likely that anyone will be outside for too long. But what does that mean in the world of COVID-19? Will the public fall back into its old social habits? See what the experts had to say.

READ MOREWhat Socializing Will Be Like This Fall and Winter During COVID-19


People With Disabilities Encounter Barriers as Restaurants Take Over Sidewalks

  The Washington Post

Disabled accessibility September 23, 2020 Do you know what the minimum sidewalk width is according to the Americans With Disabilities Act? 36 inches for wheelchair access. Many restaurants spill into the sidewalks for open air dining, but this often creates barriers for people with disabilities.

READ MORE: As Restaurants Take Over Sidewalks to Provide Pandemic-Safe Dining, People With Disabilities Encounter Barriers


Curfews Affect Bars and Restaurants


Curfew September 23, 2020 A big part of Newcastle's economy is built on its hospitality industry - bars, restaurants, nightlife. Take that out of the equation and now you are down 30-50% on turnover. A proper long term, rather than reactive strategy is needed to keep businesses open.

READ MORETime Please: How Does a 10PM Curfew Affect Bars and Restaurants? 


Balancing Public Health and Alcohol Regulation

Healthy Alcohol Market

All Bars

September 21, 2020 Bars are struggling to keep a positive image amid the pandemic! In reality, few bars violate regulations, but the umbrella term "all bars" keeps many bars closed and as a result, causing major hardships. Should all bars be seen in a negative light?

READ MOREThe Balance of Public Health and Alcohol Regulation


Washington DC Streatery Winter Ready Grant

Barred in DC

DC HopeSeptember 21, 2020 Winter is coming and Washington DC is ready to take it on! At the IsComing & #WashDC is ready to take it on! At the RAMW Rammys, John J. Falcicchio and Shawn Townsend of the Mayor's Office of Nightlife and Culture announced Mayor Muriel Bowser's Streatery Winter Ready Grant Program, a four million dollar investment to help local businesses with winterization costs.

READ MOREDC to Award $6000 Grants to DC Restaurants/Bars to Winterize Outdoor Spaces - Application Open September 21st


Washington Mayor Supports Grant Program

Barred in DC

DC 100 Grant

September 21, 2020 Up to $100 million in CARES Act funds for grants! Washington DC Mayor Muriel Bowser has signed the Business Support Grants Emergency Amendment Act of 2020 to assist businesses affected by COVID-19 and those restrictions to slow the spread. See whether your business is eligible!

READ MORE$100 Million Business Support Grant Program Approved by Mayor Bowser


Is the Hospitality Industry Responsible for Transmission Spikes?

Big Hospitality

UK Damage

September 21, 2020 Is the hospitality industry to blame for a majority of transmissions? The United Kingdom hospitality leaders are rejecting such a claim! Data shows: 729 new incidents in week 37, but only 34 linked to a restaurant setting. Many claim there is NO EVIDENCE.

READ MORENo Evidence' Hospitality Responsible For Transmission Spike


Suggestions To Keep Singapore's Nightlife Alive

  Channel News Asia

Baby steps September 19, 2020 Singapore Nightlife Business Association (SNBA) poll shows less than 10% of nightlife venues are likely to survive the end of October if closures persist. Concern for the impact this may have on the nightlife industry, the SNBA suggested 1) quicker clearance for applications and licenses in venue use. 2) The extension of drinking hours until 12 AM.

READ MORECommentary: We Will Miss Singapore's Nightlife Scene Sorely if it Dies


Uncurb Our Enthusiasm: How the City Can Better Help Restaurants and Keep New Yorkers Moving

  Gotham Gazette

Ny Bikes September 16, 2020 Did you know restaurants prosper in areas that prioritize walking, biking & mass transit? NY Open Streets & Open Restaurants programs saw up to 49% increase in sales w/ the installation of Citi Bike docks, reimagine your street & curb spaces!

READ MOREUncurb Our Enthusiasm: How the City Can Better Help Restaurants and Keep New Yorkers Moving


Small Excursions Have the Same Benefits as Abroad Travel

  Los Angeles Times

Travel Psych September 16, 2020 Traveling can help disrupt anxiety & racing thoughts. But in these times how do we escape when we are expected to stay in? A joyful escape could be closer than you think. Small excursions can be as lavish as traveling abroad. Read more here.

READ MOREVacation Anticipation is a Real Thing. It Helps Your Brain. And Now it's Gone. 


Sydney to Become the Next 24-Hour City

Business Insider Australia

Syd 24

September 15, 2020 Could Sydney become the next "city that never sleeps"? The New South Wales government initiated a 24 Hour Sydney to boost its nighttime economy. So what does it take to make a 24 hour city -- planning, diversification, culture, mobility, & a new narrative. 

READ MOREThe NSW Government Plans to Make Sydney a '24-Hour City' With These 5 Steps


Los Angeles' Iconic Comedy Clubs During COVID-19 Era


LA Comedy

September 10, 2020 We love a good laugh, but this global health situation is no laughing matter! Comedy clubs are closed and comics rely heavily on online platforms to receive financial support. Want to help contribute? Attend online shows and buy tickets, follow comics' social media platforms, and donate to gofundme accounts.

READ MOREWill LA's Iconic Comedy Clubs Survive COVID-19?


Chicago's Tamale Man

ABC 7 Chicago

Tamale Guy

September 9, 2020 Whether you know him as the 'Tamale Guy' or as Claudio Velez, Chicago's love for tamales is no joke! From a red cooler to a restaurant, customers' created a go fund me account to help fund Velez's new venue and his COVID-19 recovery. Talk about community!

READ MORETamale Guy Chicago Reopens in Ukrainian Village After Owner Claudio Velez Hospitalized with COVID-19


Dallas' Most Iconic Drag Venue During the Pandemic


Thrill Drag

September 9, 2020 Have you ever put yourself in another person's heels? Pivoting from the stage to a digital drag show is like a life raft for many drag queens. Converting their living rooms into makeshift stages is a reality for many out of work.

READ MOREHow Dallas' Most Iconic Drag Venue is Surviving the Pandemic


Opinion: Bar Curfews Should Be Extended

Knox News

Night Curfew

September 9, 2020 No one ever, "I love curfews." In today's world, bars and pubs are mandating curfews. Katherine Whitehead of Knox News makes the point that curfews will result in closures of bars and the government should find new ways to enforce regulation.

READ MORENightlife: Bar Curfews Should Be Extended From 10 p.m. to Midnight | Katherine Whitehead


Attracting People to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Quarterly

Pitts Attract

September 9, 2020 When I mention Vegas, it's likely you think of gambling. #Hollywood? Movies. With this in mind, how do you make a city distinctive? For starters, consider the six M's: maintenance, management, marketing, memories, moments, & magic.

READ MOREHow Do We Attract People to Pittsburgh?


UK Prime Minister Mandates Contact Tracing Throughout Bars and Pubs

Morning Advertiser

UK Contact Trace

September 9, 2020 No name, no number, no service! The United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, initiates contact tracing requirements across all pubs and bars to build consumer confidence. Those who don't follow the rules will be fined. 

READ MOREContract Tracing to be Mandatory for Pubs


Uber Pledges Zero Emissions Platform Across 10,000 Cities by 2040

Smart Cities Dive

Uber Zero

September 8, 2020 What's green and has wheels? Uber has its eyes set on a 'Green Global Recovery' initiative, pledging to be zero emission across 10,000 cities & six continents by the year 2040. CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, details four key strategies that will help achieve this goal.

READ MOREUber Pledges Zero Emissions Platform by 2040


Nashville's Iconic Music Venues Post 2020



September 8, 2020 Being the capital of country music, Nashville's Music Industry contributes $5.5 billion to the local economy. With no ticket sales and no concertgoers, musicians pivot their focus to refine their sound and connect with fans via live stream.

READ MOREWhat Will Happen to Nashville's Iconic Music Venues Post 2020?


Global Nightlife Industry Amid COVID-19

E Turbo News

Global Nightlife

September 8, 2020 It's no surprise that the nightlife industry is a first class attraction in many countries around the world. But how big of a hit do you think it has taken amid the coronavirus pandemic? Employing more than 150 million people, the turnover is about $3000 billion.

READ MOREGlobal Nightlife Claims $1500 Billion Loss Due to COVID-19 Pandemic


Next Trip, New Standards

Conde Nast Traveler

New Standards

September 8, 2020 The world of travel is changing permanently! Travel destinations must shift how they operate to fit travelers' desires & expectations. Five key principles come into focus: health and safety, communication, flexibility, innovation & civics.

READ MOREIntroducing the New Standard


Scotland's Lockdown Consequences

Channel 4

Scot Dancing ShoesSeptember 6, 2020 Dancing shoes are purely decorative as nightclubs remain closed. In order to save thousands of jobs, Scotland's Night Time Industries Association have launched a campaign to allow for the reopening of more venues. However, with restrictions on dancing, club owners fear that party goers would prefer to attend illegal raves instead.

READ MOREHow Lockdown Restrictions Have Brought Scotland's Nightlife to the Brink of Collapse


France Allows Indoor Events with Less Than 5000 People

Business Live

UK 3 in 5September 3, 2020 Reaching the 11th hour... Manchester's Night Time Economy Adviser, Sacha Lord, warns three in five nightlife businesses will face closure unless there is government support! The "Eat Out to Help Out" campaign helped out businesses this August, but what about those not included, e.g., music venues and theaters.

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Parklets in the City of Orlando


Orlando Parklets

September 3, 2020 Get a load of this! The city of Orlando, Florida, is hoping to launch a temporary parklet program in downtown Orlando. Business owners will be able to create 'pop up' seating areas in the streets to allow for more sidewalk space and physical distancing.

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Socializing in a Post-Pandemic World

Post Pandemic

September 2, 2020 With great crisis comes creativity & innovation! Wondering what socializing in the post pandemic world will look like? See what Sociable City Vision team has been up to and how they are trying to solve this question.

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Decreased Levels of Vancouver Transit Ride-ship Use

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September 1, 2020 Working from home has become a social norm of today's world! But what happens when people return to work? In Vancouver, a steep drop in transit use! Fear of catching COVID on a bus, people opt for personal vehicles to get around. What you should expect: traffic and pollution.

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30-Hour Long Illegal Rave in the United Kingdom

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Illegal Rave September 1, 2020 Police are cracking down on illegal parties. In the United Kingdom, an illegal forest rave hosted 3,000 ppl for 30 hours! What began at 3 am on a Sunday, went well into Monday morning with 8 ppl being fined and many others arrested for public indecency and driving under the influence of drugs. How do we prevent this from continuously occurring?

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Norway Underground Rave Leaves Many with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Euro RaveAugust 31, 2020 Socialization is in our human nature. During the era of #COVID, social events have been temporarily ceased, causing many to seek entertainment elsewhere, such as underground events. In Norway, twenty-five people have been hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning after attending an illegal "rave cave." It is suspected that the generators may have been the cause.

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New Grammy Museum Coming Soon to Atlanta, GA

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Atlanta GrammyAugust 31, 2020 The Grammy Museum Foundation has partnered with a city that they believe has a deep & rich musical heritage. Can you guess which city this might be? Music city, Atlanta, Georgia, has been selected to be the home of the next Grammy Museum. The first goal: to implement and expand on musical education statewide.

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The Evolution of a 'Safe Zone' in Abu Dhabi

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Abu DhabiAugust 30, 2020 Some professional sports teams have taken safety measures to create "COVID-free" sanctuaries. Inspired by the success of the UFC Fight Island, Abu Dhabi's Department of Culture and Tourism, hopes to create an evolved "Safe Zone" model for the return of its tourism. 

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Hotel Industry Pivots in the New COVID-19 Reality

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Hotel IndustryAugust 29, 2020 Every crisis brings opportunity. Pivoting to fit the "new normal" lifestyle will help make your venue more appealing to the people of the COVID-19 era. (e.g. adding coffee machines and ensuring secure wifi connections in hotel rooms to appeal to those working from home) COVID-19 has shaken up the hospitality industry, but acts as a reminder of the fundamental business principle: listen to the customer. 

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New Jersey Bars and Restaurants Reopen Indoor Dining 


NJ Indoor

August 29, 2020 Coming this Labor Day Weekend! New Jersey's governor, Phil Murphy, will reopen indoor dining sections in bars and restaurants this Friday under 25% capacity. Reservations are preferred and masks are still required. 

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Bank Holiday Weekend Stormy Weather Won't Rain On Their Parade

The Sun


August 28, 2020 Leeds, England partygoers did not let the Storm Francis winds rain on their parade this Bank Holiday weekend. Nestling closely to share each other's body heat, these folks braves the low temperatures and wet weather. 

READ MOREBoozers Don't Let the Rain Dampen Their Spirits as they Kick Off Bank Holiday Weekend in Leeds


Downtown Minneapolis Street Performances via LiveStream

On Nicollet


August 28, 2020 Minneapolis is taking the street show to the virtual world! Organized by Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District, up and coming performers have the chance to share some tunes & build on the city's street performance culture. Check out these performances!

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Dubai Launches Physically Distanced Island in the Sky Party


Island in the Sky

August 27, 2020 Hoping to bring back that vibrant nightlife, Dubai's Paro, Restaurant of Taj Hotel Dubai, is launching a physically distanced Island in the Sky party on its Mediterranean-styled terrace. This is a party you won't want to miss!

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Who is in Charge of Enforcing Rules Outside of a Bar?

The Red and Black

Athens BarAugust 27, 2020 Who's responsible for handling patrons outside the bar? In Athens, Georgia, bars are responsible for maintaining 35% capacity and sanitation standards. What is not mentioned: how to handle long lines of party goers right outside those doors.

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Edinburgh Nightclub Reopens as a Seated-Only Cocktail Bar

Edinburgh News

The HiveAugust 27, 2020 Calling all queen bees! The Hive is ready for your return! Edinburgh nightclub, The Hive, will reopen as a seated-only cocktail bar with food next week. One more thing, no music. With safety measures in mind, just be sure to seat that behind and "hive til five"

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Baltimore DPW Temporarily Suspends Curbside Recycling Pick Up

CBS Baltimore

DPW Trash

August 27, 2020 A 20% increase in residential trash makes it nearly impossible for low-staffed crews to keep up. Baltimore, Maryland, Department of Public Works has temporarily suspended all recycling curbside pick up to refocus on keeping the streets trash free. Recycling and trash bin contents will be disposed as trash. 

READ MORE: 'We've Reached Our Breaking Point': DPW Suspends Curbside Recycling in Baltimore to Address Coronavirus-Related Trash Backlog


France Allows Indoor Events with Less Than 5000 People


FranceAugust 26, 2020 Missing the days when you could go to concerts, nightclubs, theaters, and cinemas? If you live in France, you're in luck! France reopens its doors to events with less than 5000 people without physical distancing measures. This comes to a surprise to many, but we are mentally here for it. 

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Increase in Coronavirus Cases Attributed to Large Private Gatherings 

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August 26, 2020 Is tourism to blame for the rise in COVID-19 cases? In a country reliant on tourism, Greece reopened its borders to foreign travelers. 17% of cases were attributed to abroad travelers, while 83% of cases were deemed domestic transmission. The main culprit: large private gatherings with no physical distancing. 

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Tom Cruise Goes To London Movie Theater


Tom Movies

August 25, 2020 Miss the feeling of watching a movie from the big screen? You're not alone. Actor and produce, Tom Cruise, who loves movies, cannot pass up the opportunity to see a movie in this London movie theater. Let's face it, we are all in need of some socialization. 

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New Jersey Booze Fairies Leave Little Surprises

North Jersey

Booze FairyAugust 25, 2020 Like a good neighbor the 'Booze Fairy' is there! It's like a regular tooth fairy, but for adults. No tooth-loss required! Surprise baskets filled with goodies and alcoholic drinks have been showing up on the doorsteps of several New Jersey homes and we think it's fairy nice!

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Oxford Students Fill the Streets of Miami

The Miami Student

Oxford Nightlife

August 25, 2020 Nothing screams college like a cold one on syllabus week! School is back in session in the midst of a pandemic and deserted streets have become a hot spot for Oxford college students. Hoping to gain some sense of normalcy makes physical distancing almost impossible.

READ MOREBack At It: Oxford's Nightlife Jolts Back to Life


Rebuilding Beirut: August Explosion


Beirut Nightlife

August 25, 2020 Once known as a worldwide party destination, the Beirut explosion has left over 2000 venues in tatters, including Beirut's most popular pub street. Many business owners question whether they will rebuild their nightlife again.

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Edinburgh Nightclub Reopens as a Seated-Only Cocktail Bar

AZ Family

AZ JuneAugust 24, 2020 3% positivity rate or less. That's the number Arizona counties are striving for to be able to reopen bars and nightclubs. Strict safety measures and reduced capacity will still be enforced to prevent spread. "Get ready for June 2.0, Arizona!"

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Large Gatherings Increase Number of COVID Cases


Italy RavesAugust 24, 2020 Holidays and nightlife events make it nearly impossible to avoid large gatherings! In Italy, an increased number of COVID-19 cases have been linked to a variety of raves that are lacking safety measures and some good ol' physical distancing. Not a mask in site. 

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Liverpool Exhibition Offers a Reminder of Nightlife 


Liverpool Exhibit

August 24, 2020 Remember what it was like to be in a room full of strangers without needing to think twice about face masks or hand sanitizer? Scheduled to open this upcoming week, the Liverpool exhibition, The Time We Call Our Own shares images, capturing the importance of socialization in bars, clubs and the nightlife scene. 

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