Updates on the Impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) on the Nightlife Ecosystem

Los Angeles' Iconic Comedy Clubs During COVID-19 Era


LA Comedy

September 10, 2020 We love a good laugh, but this global health situation is no laughing matter! Comedy clubs are closed and comics rely heavily on online platforms to receive financial support. Want to help contribute? Attend online shows and buy tickets, follow comics' social media platforms, and donate to gofundme accounts.

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Chicago's Tamale Man

ABC 7 Chicago

Tamale Guy

September 9, 2020 Whether you know him as the 'Tamale Guy' or as Claudio Velez, Chicago's love for tamales is no joke! From a red cooler to a restaurant, customers' created a go fund me account to help fund Velez's new venue and his COVID-19 recovery. Talk about community!

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Dallas' Most Iconic Drag Venue During the Pandemic


Thrill Drag

September 9, 2020 Have you ever put yourself in another person's heels? Pivoting from the stage to a digital drag show is like a life raft for many drag queens. Converting their living rooms into makeshift stages is a reality for many out of work.

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Opinion: Bar Curfews Should Be Extended

Knox News

Night Curfew

September 9, 2020 No one ever, "I love curfews." In today's world, bars and pubs are mandating curfews. Katherine Whitehead of Knox News makes the point that curfews will result in closures of bars and the government should find new ways to enforce regulation.

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Attracting People to Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh Quarterly

Pitts Attract

September 9, 2020 When I mention Vegas, it's likely you think of gambling. #Hollywood? Movies. With this in mind, how do you make a city distinctive? For starters, consider the six M's: maintenance, management, marketing, memories, moments, & magic.

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UK Prime Minister Mandates Contact Tracing Throughout Bars and Pubs

Morning Advertiser

UK Contact Trace

September 9, 2020 No name, no number, no service! The United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, initiates contact tracing requirements across all pubs and bars to build consumer confidence. Those who don't follow the rules will be fined. 

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Uber Pledges Zero Emissions Platform Across 10,000 Cities by 2040

Smart Cities Dive

Uber Zero

September 8, 2020 What's green and has wheels? Uber has its eyes set on a 'Green Global Recovery' initiative, pledging to be zero emission across 10,000 cities & six continents by the year 2040. CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, details four key strategies that will help achieve this goal.

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Nashville's Iconic Music Venues Post 2020



September 8, 2020 Being the capital of country music, Nashville's Music Industry contributes $5.5 billion to the local economy. With no ticket sales and no concertgoers, musicians pivot their focus to refine their sound and connect with fans via live stream.

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Global Nightlife Industry Amid COVID-19

E Turbo News

Global Nightlife

September 8, 2020 It's no surprise that the nightlife industry is a first class attraction in many countries around the world. But how big of a hit do you think it has taken amid the coronavirus pandemic? Employing more than 150 million people, the turnover is about $3000 billion.

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Next Trip, New Standards

Conde Nast Traveler

New Standards

September 8, 2020 The world of travel is changing permanently! Travel destinations must shift how they operate to fit travelers' desires & expectations. Five key principles come into focus: health and safety, communication, flexibility, innovation & civics.

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Scotland's Lockdown Consequences

Channel 4

Scot Dancing ShoesSeptember 6, 2020 Dancing shoes are purely decorative as nightclubs remain closed. In order to save thousands of jobs, Scotland's Night Time Industries Association have launched a campaign to allow for the reopening of more venues. However, with restrictions on dancing, club owners fear that party goers would prefer to attend illegal raves instead.

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France Allows Indoor Events with Less Than 5000 People

Business Live

UK 3 in 5September 3, 2020 Reaching the 11th hour... Manchester's Night Time Economy Adviser, Sacha Lord, warns three in five nightlife businesses will face closure unless there is government support! The "Eat Out to Help Out" campaign helped out businesses this August, but what about those not included, e.g., music venues and theaters.

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Parklets in the City of Orlando


Orlando Parklets

September 3, 2020 Get a load of this! The city of Orlando, Florida, is hoping to launch a temporary parklet program in downtown Orlando. Business owners will be able to create 'pop up' seating areas in the streets to allow for more sidewalk space and physical distancing.

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Socializing in a Post-Pandemic World

Post Pandemic

September 2, 2020 With great crisis comes creativity & innovation! Wondering what socializing in the post pandemic world will look like? See what Sociable City Vision team has been up to and how they are trying to solve this question.

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Decreased Levels of Vancouver Transit Ride-ship Use

City News 1130


September 1, 2020 Working from home has become a social norm of today's world! But what happens when people return to work? In Vancouver, a steep drop in transit use! Fear of catching COVID on a bus, people opt for personal vehicles to get around. What you should expect: traffic and pollution.

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Norway Underground Rave Leaves Many with Carbon Monoxide Poisoning


Euro RaveAugust 31, 2020 Socialization is in our human nature. During the era of #COVID, social events have been temporarily ceased, causing many to seek entertainment elsewhere, such as underground events. In Norway, twenty-five people have been hospitalized with carbon monoxide poisoning after attending an illegal "rave cave." It is suspected that the generators may have been the cause.

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New Grammy Museum Coming Soon to Atlanta, GA

Saporta Report

Atlanta GrammyAugust 31, 2020 The Grammy Museum Foundation has partnered with a city that they believe has a deep & rich musical heritage. Can you guess which city this might be? Music city, Atlanta, Georgia, has been selected to be the home of the next Grammy Museum. The first goal: to implement and expand on musical education statewide.

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The Evolution of a 'Safe Zone' in Abu Dhabi

Business Traveller

Abu DhabiAugust 30, 2020 Some professional sports teams have taken safety measures to create "COVID-free" sanctuaries. Inspired by the success of the UFC Fight Island, Abu Dhabi's Department of Culture and Tourism, hopes to create an evolved "Safe Zone" model for the return of its tourism. 

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Hotel Industry Pivots in the New COVID-19 Reality

Market Watch

Hotel IndustryAugust 29, 2020 Every crisis brings opportunity. Pivoting to fit the "new normal" lifestyle will help make your venue more appealing to the people of the COVID-19 era. (e.g. adding coffee machines and ensuring secure wifi connections in hotel rooms to appeal to those working from home) COVID-19 has shaken up the hospitality industry, but acts as a reminder of the fundamental business principle: listen to the customer. 

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New Jersey Bars and Restaurants Reopen Indoor Dining 


NJ Indoor

August 29, 2020 Coming this Labor Day Weekend! New Jersey's governor, Phil Murphy, will reopen indoor dining sections in bars and restaurants this Friday under 25% capacity. Reservations are preferred and masks are still required. 

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Bank Holiday Weekend Stormy Weather Won't Rain On Their Parade

The Sun


August 28, 2020 Leeds, England partygoers did not let the Storm Francis winds rain on their parade this Bank Holiday weekend. Nestling closely to share each other's body heat, these folks braves the low temperatures and wet weather. 

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Downtown Minneapolis Street Performances via LiveStream

On Nicollet


October 28, 2020 Minneapolis is taking the street show to the virtual world! Organized by Minneapolis Downtown Improvement District, up and coming performers have the chance to share some tunes & build on the city's street performance culture. Check out these performances!

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Dubai Launches Physically Distanced Island in the Sky Party


Island in the Sky

August 27, 2020 Hoping to bring back that vibrant nightlife, Dubai's Paro, Restaurant of Taj Hotel Dubai, is launching a physically distanced Island in the Sky party on its Mediterranean-styled terrace. This is a party you won't want to miss!

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Who is in Charge of Enforcing Rules Outside of a Bar?

The Red and Black

Athens BarAugust 27, 2020 Who's responsible for handling patrons outside the bar? In Athens, Georgia, bars are responsible for maintaining 35% capacity and sanitation standards. What is not mentioned: how to handle long lines of party goers right outside those doors.

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Edinburgh Nightclub Reopens as a Seated-Only Cocktail Bar

Edinburgh News

The HiveAugust 27, 2020 Calling all queen bees! The Hive is ready for your return! Edinburgh nightclub, The Hive, will reopen as a seated-only cocktail bar with food next week. One more thing, no music. With safety measures in mind, just be sure to seat that behind and "hive til five"

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Baltimore DPW Temporarily Suspends Curbside Recycling Pick Up

CBS Baltimore

DPW Trash

August 27, 2020 A 20% increase in residential trash makes it nearly impossible for low-staffed crews to keep up. Baltimore, Maryland, Department of Public Works has temporarily suspended all recycling curbside pick up to refocus on keeping the streets trash free. Recycling and trash bin contents will be disposed as trash. 

READ MORE: 'We've Reached Our Breaking Point': DPW Suspends Curbside Recycling in Baltimore to Address Coronavirus-Related Trash Backlog


France Allows Indoor Events with Less Than 5000 People


FranceAugust 26, 2020 Missing the days when you could go to concerts, nightclubs, theaters, and cinemas? If you live in France, you're in luck! France reopens its doors to events with less than 5000 people without physical distancing measures. This comes to a surprise to many, but we are mentally here for it. 

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Increase in Coronavirus Cases Attributed to Large Private Gatherings 

Times Union


August 26, 2020 Is tourism to blame for the rise in COVID-19 cases? In a country reliant on tourism, Greece reopened its borders to foreign travelers. 17% of cases were attributed to abroad travelers, while 83% of cases were deemed domestic transmission. The main culprit: large private gatherings with no physical distancing. 

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Tom Cruise Goes To London Movie Theater


Tom Movies

August 25, 2020 Miss the feeling of watching a movie from the big screen? You're not alone. Actor and produce, Tom Cruise, who loves movies, cannot pass up the opportunity to see a movie in this London movie theater. Let's face it, we are all in need of some socialization. 

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New Jersey Booze Fairies Leave Little Surprises

North Jersey

Booze FairyAugust 25, 2020 Like a good neighbor the 'Booze Fairy' is there! It's like a regular tooth fairy, but for adults. No tooth-loss required! Surprise baskets filled with goodies and alcoholic drinks have been showing up on the doorsteps of several New Jersey homes and we think it's fairy nice!

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Oxford Students Fill the Streets of Miami

The Miami Student

Oxford Nightlife

August 25, 2020 Nothing screams college like a cold one on syllabus week! School is back in session in the midst of a pandemic and deserted streets have become a hot spot for Oxford college students. Hoping to gain some sense of normalcy makes physical distancing almost impossible.

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Rebuilding Beirut: August Explosion


Beirut Nightlife

August 25, 2020 Once known as a worldwide party destination, the Beirut explosion has left over 2000 venues in tatters, including Beirut's most popular pub street. Many business owners question whether they will rebuild their nightlife again.

READ MORENightlife in Ruins: Beirut Blast Pummels Key Industry


Edinburgh Nightclub Reopens as a Seated-Only Cocktail Bar

AZ Family

AZ JuneAugust 24, 2020 3% positivity rate or less. That's the number Arizona counties are striving for to be able to reopen bars and nightclubs. Strict safety measures and reduced capacity will still be enforced to prevent spread. "Get ready for June 2.0, Arizona!"

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Large Gatherings Increase Number of COVID Cases


Italy RavesAugust 24, 2020 Holidays and nightlife events make it nearly impossible to avoid large gatherings! In Italy, an increased number of COVID-19 cases have been linked to a variety of raves that are lacking safety measures and some good ol' physical distancing. Not a mask in site. 

READ MORESpike in Coronavirus Infections in Italy Partly Blamed on Nightlife Events


Liverpool Exhibition Offers a Reminder of Nightlife 


Liverpool Exhibit

August 24, 2020 Remember what it was like to be in a room full of strangers without needing to think twice about face masks or hand sanitizer? Scheduled to open this upcoming week, the Liverpool exhibition, The Time We Call Our Own shares images, capturing the importance of socialization in bars, clubs and the nightlife scene. 

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Boiler Room's New Initiative Equals Revenue for Local Artists, DJs, Producers


Boiler RoomAugust 23, 2020 Looking for new ways to support songwriters, DJs, and producers from the comfort of your home? Ben Klock and partner, Apple Music, hosted the first ever Berlin Boiler Room set, an initiative to help bring back the nightlife platform and its most iconic sets to fans around the world. 100% of the royalties from the streams will goto the artists behind the techno and electronica beats.  

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New York City's Nightlife in the 90's

Vanity Fair

LimelightAugust 21, 2020 A blast from the past! What began as a story about New York's nightlife in the '90s, turned into a photo book project, In the Limelight: The Visual Ecstasy of NYC Nightlife in the 90s, created by photographer, Steve Eichner and photo editor, Gabriel Sanchez. With the shuttering of city venues due to the coronavirus pandemic, many are mourning the earlier nightlife era. Sanchez hopes this book could be an indication for what might be desired for the future era of clubs when they reopen again. 

READ MOREIn the Limelight Walks Through the Clubs of New York City's '90s


A Look Into the Future of Nightlife Post-COVID

Miami Herald

Post-Covid ClubAugust 21, 2020 We are nightlife lovers! Nightlife is culture! But what will the future of nightlife look like post-COVID? Miami nightlife professionals held a webinar, in which nightlife expert, Morgan Deane weighed in on the future of clubs. Deane suggested clubs will be cleaner, there will physically-distanced circled, no VIP booths, masks everywhere, drinks will be ordered through the phone, and the list goes on. 

READ MORE: 'Weird': Miami Nightlife Expert Weighs in on What Clubs Might Look Like Post-COVID


New York City Businesses Weather the Storm of COVID

Market Watch

NY Last Dance

August 20, 2020 30% of New York's nightlife businesses are not likely to weather the COVID-19 storm without governmental aid. Outdoor dining, limited capacity, and physical distancing measures are simply a band-aid to steep financial challenges being faced by many venues. 

READ MOREIs it the Last Dance? The Murky Future of NYC's Nightlife Business


Legal Pressures to Reclassify Rideshare Drivers

The New York Times

Ride Appeals CourtAugust 20, 2020 Will Uber and Lyft companies become something of California's past? California Appeals Court have temporarily extended rideshare operations after receiving a threat from the companies to shut down and halt services. Legal pressures to reclassify rideshare drivers as employees still remains. 

READ MOREUber and Lyft Get Reprieve After Threatening to Shut Down


Restaurants Need Indoor Dining to Survive Financially

The Real Deal

NYC Hosp AllianceAugust 19, 2020 Winter is coming! Thousands of New York City restaurants have closed and those hanging on are worried they won't survive the cold weathered winter. The New York Hospitality Alliance is ready to "take action" as restaurant owners' financial needs for indoor dining increases.

READ MORENYC Restaurants: Give Us Indoor Dining or We'll Sue


Globalization of the Music City

Palgrave Macmillan

Alicia holding Book

August 18, 2020 Surely you've heard of a music city, but have you explored its urban cultural policy paradigm? Check out this new Music Cities: Evaluating a Global Cultural Policy Concept book to learn more. Be sure to be on the lookout for chapter 8: Regualating the San Francisco Sound written by Alicia Scholer, Jocelyn Kane and Ben Van Houten of SFOEWD.

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Wuhan, China's Unthinkable Water Park Party 


Wuhan RaveAugust 18, 2020 Now here's something we did not expect to see in the year, 2020. Over the weekend, thousands of partygoers in swimsuits filled the Wuhan Maya Beach Water Park to attend an electronic music festival. No masks or physical distancing measures were in sight.

READ MOREWuhan Hosts Massive Water Park Party As Coronavirus Concerns Recede


Fundamental Design Principles to Make a Great Public Space

AECOM Australia

Public SpaceAugust 18, 2020 Ever wondered what makes a public space great? Zac Cvikovic, Associate Director of Urban Design differentiates between "good cities" and "great cities." As cities grow larger and become more diverse, public spaces must adequate enough to respond to social, economic, and environmental needs. Fundamental design principles include, but are not limited to: responding to the context; providing people's varying needs; and an established management of certainty.

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NYC Orders Coronavirus Forms Be Signed Before Any Short-Term Stay

The Gothamist


August 18, 2020 In the last month, 15 - 20% of cases were attributed to people having traveled out of New York City. Mayor Bill de Blasio, has ordered hotels and Airbnb hosts to require visitors from high infection states to sign a 2-week quarantine form before getting any access to their room.

READ MORECoronavirus Updates: NYC Orders Hotels to Collect Info From Guests Visiting From "Restricted States"


Sweet Auburn, Atlanta Neighbors Seek To End Weekend Parties

11 Alive

Sweet AuburnAugust 17, 2020 Partying on the weekend is like clockwork and it is affecting businesses and the quality of life for many residents in the surrounding area. Sweet Auburn, Atlanta, neighbors plead for help as weekend parties, late night noise and gun violence continue to be an issue despite previous efforts to stop.

READ MOREAmid Crowds and Violence Sweet Auburn Neighbors Plead For Help But Say They've Received Little


Strategies Needed to Prevent Outbreaks: Pubs and Clubs

The Telegraph

No CountryAugust 14, 2020 Human behavior, poor ventilation, enclosed spaces w/ few windows -- Bars, pubs, and clubs create the perfect storm for viruses to grow. With winter on the horizon, comes new challenges as governments attempt to reopen. "It almost feels like reopening the nighttime economy is the piece that makes the tower of building blocks collapse."

READ MORENo Country' Has an Effective Strategy to Prevent Outbreaks Linked to Pubs and Clubs, Experts Warn


Spain's Health Minister Introduces New Measures


Spain MinisterAugust 14, 2020 Spain's Health Minister ,Salvador Illa, announced new measures to help slow the spread of the virus. These measures include: closing bars and restaurants by 1 am, banning alcohol consumption, restricting gatherings of more than 10 people, and at least 2 meters distance when smoking outdoors. 

READ MORESpain Cracks Down on Outdoor Drinking, Smoking in Renewed Push Against COVID-19


San Diego Businesses Spill into the Streets

San Diego Magazine

SD Streets

August 13, 2020 San Diego pedestrians reclaim their city as businesses and cultural activities spill into the streets. Mayoral Candidates say these changes are here to stay! The goal in mind is to keep businesses thriving, residents employed and the tax revenue circulating through the city. 

READ MOREIs Restaurant Dining on Sidewalks and Streets Here to Stay?


The United Kingdom's First Socially Distanced Live Show


UK Live ShowAugust 12, 2020 The United Kingdom had its first physically distanced, live show hosting approximately 2,500 music fans with a performance by Sam Fender. VIP Lawn Seating platforms made it easy to enjoy the show with a table, fridge and set of chairs. Are you living for this new concert experience?management of certainty.

READ MOREThe U.K.'s First Socially Distanced Music Venue Sure Looks Better Than Nothing


Berlin's Illegal Raves Spark Need For Public Spaces


Berlin Raves

August 12, 2020 Physical distancing efforts have crippled Berlin's nightlife! Minister Ramona Pop has called on district mayors to find parks, streets, squares, and sports halls to host outdoor parties as an increase in illegal raves surges through the city.

READ MOREBerliners Reimagine Public Space As Illegal Raves Defy the Pandemic


Reopen Every Venue Safely Best Practices: Austin Guide

City of Austin

Austin REVS

August 10, 2020 Do you wish to keep the cultural heartbeat of live music beating through your city? Austin, Texas, leaders and Music Cities Together initiative collaborate to create the Reopen Every Venue Safely (REVS) Best Practices guide. Focused on modifying human behavior and interactions this guide will help balance the community's public health and restore Austin's music industry.

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Hotels Perceived to Be Safest Short-Term Stay

Macau Business


August 8, 2020 Which do you perceive to be safer: an airbnb or a hotel? Macau business and Macao Institute for Tourism Studies (IFTM) survey suggests that travelers feel safer in hotels. IFTM lecturers suggest Airbnb accommodation providers should consider and review their safety and security measures to help patrons feel safe.

READ MOREHotels Perceived Safer, More Secure Than Airbnb Lodging


Vibe Lab Releases Chapter One of Global Nighttime Recovery Plan

Bloomberg City Lab

Vibe Lab

August 4, 2020 A blanket ban on the entirety of nighttime activities is devastating, but the reopening of nightclubs fuels fresh outbreaks! The VibeLab report is the first installment of the group's Global Nighttime Recovery Plan. Aimed to tackle pandemic-fueled issues with safe alternatives, future installments will focus and address different conditions. 

READ MOREThe Nightlife Rescue Plan that Could Save Your City's Scene


New York Outdoor Dining Program Will Return Next Year


August 3, 2020 NY Outdoor DiningThousands of New York City restaurants and bars rely heavily on outdoor dining to stay afloat amid the pandemic. Supporting approximately 80,000 jobs, New York City Mayor, Bill de Blasio, announced that the outdoor dining program will return to the streets and sidewalks of New York next year. 


READ MOREOutdoor Dining Will Return Next Year, Mayor Says


Australian Emus Banned From Pub


Aust Emu

July 28, 2020 Gone Rogue! In Australia,  the first unruly emu patrons have been banned from hotel Yaraka after numerous offenses and many failed attempts to take over. Signs have not been suffice to keep the emus out. It's quite "emusing" to witness. 

READ MOREAustralian Pub Bans Emus for 'Bad Behavior'


North Carolina Curfew for On-Premise Alcohol Sales


NC Curfew

July 28, 2020 No drinks after 11 PM! North Caroline governor, Roy Cooper, placed a statewide curfew for on-premise alcohol sales to drive down numbers and move in the "right direction." Ceasing sales after the designated curfew will prevent restaurants, breweries, wineries and distilleries from becoming bars after hours. Establishments that sell alcohol for off-premise consumption are exempt from the order. 

READ MOREN.C. Governor Enacts Statewide Curfew on Sale of Alcohol at Restaurants, Bars Remain Closed


Live Music Sector Says #LetUsDance 

Night Time


July 24, 2020 What employs hundreds of thousands of people, brings in millions of fans, and contributes to the hundreds of millions of dollars into the social economy? If you guessed, nightclubs and festivals, you are correct. The United Kingdom's electronic dance music sector has initiated the #LetUsDance campaign to demonstrate the importance of the music sector in hopes to receive governmental financial support.

READ MORE#LetUsDance Says UK Electronic Music Sector


Manchester Comedy Club Reopens

Manchester Evening News

Comedy ClubJuly 24, 2020 Knock, knock! Who's there? This Manchester comedy club. After four months of being closed, Frog and Bucket Comedy Club will be the first to produce a live pilot indoor performance to test the efficiency of guides produced for reopening venues and to act as a fundraiser for the Women in Comedy Festival. 

READ MOREA Manchester Venue Will be the First to Reopen for Live Gigs - Days Before the Rest of the UK


The Customer Cannot Always Be Right: Covid Edition

Good Times

Serv FrontJuly 21, 2020 You've heard this before, "The customer is always right." With Covid-19 safety guidelines, physical distancing, and mask mandates this phrase may be a far stretch from the truth. Santa Cruz, California, servers share their stories about what it's like to be frontline workers: asking patrons to wear a mask and physical distance.

READ MORERestaurant Servers Share What it's Like Working Amid the Pandemic


San Francisco Restaurant: Garden Igloos Edition

San Francisco Chronicle

SF IglooAugust 7, 2020 Searching for a new way to offer a fine-dining experience amid the pandemic? San Francisco's Michelin-starred restaurant, Hashiri, put a new spin to outdoor dining introducing Garden Igloos outside its doors. Known for its three-hour tasting menus, Hashiri experienced an inconsistent demand for its "boxed-up sushi." Geodesic domes provide a new kind of normalcy to a five-course sushi dinner experience. 

READ MORESF Restaurant Turns to Dome Dining Amid Growing Homelessness on Streets


NYC Reopening: Phase Four

NBC New York

NY Operation

July 20, 2020 Low-risk venues are operating at 33% capacity as New York City enters its fourth and final reopening phase. Will this reopening last? New York governor, Andrew Cuomo, threatens that the city could rollback if there is lack of compliance from New Yorkers.

READ MOREIt Has to Stop:' Cuomo Threatens to Reverse NYC Reopening, Now in Phase 4, Over Noncompliance



RESTART-19 COVID Experiment

The Guardian


July 20, 2020 A MUST SEE: German scientists are launching the "RESTART-19" COVID experimentation to identify a framework for future events.  This simulation will consist of a concert with singer and song-writer Tim Bendzko. Approximately 4,000 concert attendees will be equipped with a contact tracer device around their necks, masks with ventilation, and fluorescent disinfectant to help scientists get a clearer picture of how COVID-19 is transmitted. To ensure the concert does not become the source of a new outbreak, DIY testing kits and a swab at a doctor's office is needed before attending. The concert is scheduled for August 22, 2020.

READ MOREGerman Coronavirus Experiment Enlists Help of Concertgoers


This Fall: Physically Distanced Indoor Live Music


Live Music UK

July 18, 2020 United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, proposed a plan for the return of physically-distanced, indoor music performances this upcoming Fall. (August 1: theaters, music halls and other venues; October 1: stadiums, competition venues) Pilots scheduled to run this summer, will determine whether this is a feasible proposal. Risk of a second peak will cease progression.

READ MOREBoris Johnson Signals Return for Some "Socially Distanced" Live Music Events in August


UK's Seatd Digital Menu Launch

Oldham Evening Chronicle


July 17, 2020 Have digital menus become the new normal? Seatd was launched across the United Kingdom to help independent hospitality businesses to operate safely and responsibly. No app download or registration required. With a simple scan of a QR code, customers control their experience in a matter of seconds.  

READ MOREOldham-Based Entrepreneur Helping the Local Hospitality Industry After Lockdown


San Francisco Apartment Bucket Bar

SF Chronicle

SF Apartment BarJuly 17, 2020 Looking for new pals to fetch a drink with? Why not try opening a window? San Francisco neighbors create the ultimate "Bucket Bar" experience filled with themed nights, decorative lights, and window-to-window delivery. What began as an effort to catapult a rubber ball into an engagement between neighbors. "It's the kind of thing kids imagine adults do when kids go to sleep." Who knows, maybe you have cool neighbors? 

READ MORESF Neighbors Turned their Apartments into Once-in-a-Lifetime Bar


Texas Adjusts its Alcohol Sales Classification


Texas RegAugust 3, 2020 Thousands of Texas' businesses had closed as a result of Governor Abott's shutdown order June 26. Today, the Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission has redefined its guidelines to allow some bars, breweries, and wineries to reopen as restaurants at limited capacities. Sales figures from April 2020 will be used to determine whether these establishments can reopen.

READ MORETexas Alcohol Regulators Change Rules So Some Bars Can Reopen as Restaurants


SF Bar Owner Letter to Government Leaders: Relief Measures

The Bold Italic

Bar Owner Letter

July 14, 2020 A San Francisco bar owner faces "covid collateral damage" and calls for immediate governmental relief measures in this letter. Supporting the science behind the closure of bars, or "covid petri dishes", bar owners are now struggling to keep their businesses from going bankrupt as debts continue to accumulate. Financial relief is needed in the city renowned for its commitment to nightlife.


READ MOREI’m a San Francisco Bar Owner With Zero Income Since March. We Need Financial Help — Now.


"Covid-Era" Teenagers Dress Up to Get Alcohol

New York Post

Teen Alc TikTok

July 14, 2020 If you thought Fake IDs were cause for concern, wait until you see this! A recent TikTok prank shows teenagers of the "covid-era" dressing up as elderly grandmothers with coronavirus masks concealing their face to attain alcohol. One not-of-legal age teen had this to say, "PSA: use ur fakes as much as possible bc if you wear a mask they can’t see ur whole face lol."

READ MORETeens are Dressing Up as Mask-Wearing Grandmas to Try to Score Alcohol



100's of Partiers in Astoria's Streets

New York Post

AstoriaJuly 19, 2020 How do you control 100's of partiers in the streets of Astoria, New York City? New York Police Department responded to a 'traffic complaint' around 12:30 am to find a mask-less crowd of partiers filling the street. Multiple verbal orders were issued and the crowd dispersed without incident. New York City Mayor, Bill De Blasio, called the situation "unacceptable." Governor, Andrew Cuomo, has issues a "three strikes, you're closed" mandate to ensure bars and restaurants aim to comply with state rules. 

READ MOREWild Video Shows People Flooding Astoria's Steinway Street Without Masks



Outdoor Dining Safety Concerns

Spectrum News NY 1

NY Car Plows

July 14, 2020 In Queens, New York, a driver crashes through an outdoor dining area injuring four patrons and a waitress. After being closed for more than three months, restaurant owners are shaken by the incident and worry this won't be the last incident, demanding stricter regulations be made. Some business owners suggest closing parts of the street to ensure customer safety. 


READ MORECar Plows into Expanded Outdoor Dining Restaurant, Raising Safety Concerns


Zona De Discotecas: La Música, Las Luces, y Las Turistas


Callejon en Cancun

July 13, 2020 La música, las luces, y las turistas poco a poco regresan a la Zona de #Discotecas. 60 por cento de turistas llegando en Zona Punta Cancun en busca de diversión nocturna son de origen Estadounidense. Bares y restaurantes pueden contabilizar alrededor de 300 visitantes. 

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La Fiesta Regresó a Cancún

Mega News

Nuevo Concepto Cancun

July 10, 2020 Regresó la fiesta a la Zona Hotelera de Cancún! Otorgada por las autoridades y contemplando todos los protocolos de seguridad sanitaria, turistas y visitantes pueden disfrutar un evento interactivo durante una cena, en el lugar emblemático de la vida nocturna. 

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Ramp Initiative for Outdoor Dining

Boston Globe

Ramp Initiative

July 10, 2020 A new ramp initiative is taking the world by storm! In Boston, NYC, Mayor Martin J. Walsh and the Mayor's Commission for Persons with Disabilities integrate the new initiative to create more accessibility for outdoor dining restaurants. Financial support was provided by Citi bank's Empowered Cities Initiative funding $200,000 to "empower NYC."

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UK Super Saturday: Alcohol and Physical Distancing

 ABC News

UK Super Saturday

July 6, 2020 Dubbed as 'Super Saturday,' England reopened its pubs and restaurants with physical distancing guidelines, but large crowds continuously gathered outside the venues. As the evening progressed there was a display of drunken antics and aggression towards other patrons and police officers. Police Federation of England and Wales chairman John Apter stressed that alcohol and physical distancing do not mix. "Social distancing with alcohol is a real issue." 


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UK Calls for Government Assistance

 BBC News

UK Hospitality SupportJuly 6, 2020 The United Kingdom's hospitality and tourism industry is arguably one of the most impacted industries by the current pandemic. Sales are expected to plummet as much as 56% in comparison to last year. Over 120 businesses have signed an open letter calling for government assistance to prevent businesses from going under. Confident that the industry can be restored to its full strength, businesses have outlined a set of recommendations for the government to consider such as deferring tax bills, covering debts through grants, reducing VAT (Value Added Taxes), etc. 

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Florida Suspends On-Premise Alcohol Sales


Drinks on Table

July 6, 2020 Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) issued  Emergency Order 2020-09, suspending on-premise consumption at businesses that "derive 50% of gross revenue from such sales." Issuance of this order went into effect immediately and  is due in part to increased numbers in COVID-19 cases among younger adults who have been visiting bars, pubs, and nightclubs.  


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Kansas City Police Department Wolf Pack

KCUR 89.3

Kansas Wolfpack

July 5, 2020 With the emergence of the coronavirus, some people are consuming more alcohol as a pastime. In Kansas, a spike in fatal crashes are assumed to be associated with impaired driving. The Kansas City Police Department has created a wolfpack, a group of officers dedicated to arresting impaired drivers and ultimately, reducing the number of fatal crashes.


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Mississippi's Legalization of Alcohol Possession Statewide


Mississippi Ends Prohibition

July 3, 2020 Governor of Mississippi, Tate Reeves, signed a bill to legalize the possession of alcohol throughout the state beginning January 1st, 2021. Under current Mississippi law, it is a violation for residents residing in a 'Dry County' to purchase and possess alcohol in said dry counties. The signed bill will allow for possession, but will continue to prohibit the sale. 

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Virginia ABC Education and Prevention Grants


Virginia ABC GrantsJuly 1, 2020 Virginia Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) Education and Prevention awards $62,000 to promote educational programs that help reduce underage and high-risk drinking in their communities. Grantees will work in partnership with the Virginia ABC to create and implement programming in the upcoming year. Funding of these projects are orchestrated to promote healthy decisions regarding alcohol consumption. 

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Iowa becomes first state to permanently allow cocktails to go

  The Hills 

Iowa Drinks June 30, 2020 Iowa is the first state to permanently allow bars and restaurants to sell alcohol for takeout and delivery. 

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NC bars' latest dilemma: Whether to renew alcohol licenses while closed

  Triad Business Journal

Drinks on a TableJune 30, 2020 Bar and club owners grapple with whether or not to renew their #alcohollicense. #Nightlife is still closed in many cities with no timeline for reopening. #Dilemma

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Group Of Texas Bar Owners Sues To Reopen Amid Pandemic

  Kerang news

Houston Ice House Closed June 30, 2020 Texas bar owners in Austin, Houston and Galveston sue to reopen bars. They allege @GovAbbott doesn’t have the authority to close bars and that the order targets bars while allowing other business types to stay open. 

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Bars suing state for coronavirus restrictions

  Fox 29 WFLX

Bars Suing State...June 30, 2020 Group of bars in Florida sue the Department of Business and Professional Regulation for suspending on-premise consumption of alcohol at bars statewide.

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Bars Closing due to Rising Cases of COVID-19 in California and Pennsylvania Counties


Closed Again June 29, 2020 Bars in some California and Pennsylvania counties have to return to alcohol takeout and alcoho ldelivery as on-site consumption is prohibited again. Roll-back on reopening will take a major toll on  survival of nightlife.

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Packed Bars Serve Up New Rounds Of COVID Contagion

  Physician's Weekly 

Festival Beer OutdoorsJune 29, 2020 Cautionary tale for nightlife as bars and clubs across the country get shut down for not abiding by physical distance, mask wearing or reduced occupancy. We know times are tough but nightlife needs to reopen safely for public health. 

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New York's New Bar Stool: The Sidewalk

  New York Times 

NYC drinking sidewalk June 16, 2020 Every aspect of a bar's appeal - the large crowds, small spaces, close contact, mouths open to talk or drink, makes them the most challenging for public health. Bar owners in New York are striking a balance between their business interests and public safety by shifting to "alfresco dining" outside where small groups can socialize on the sidewalks. 

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'Opinion: 'Mission to Save Hospitality'

  The Detroit News

Empty Restaurant June 16, 2020 Strict physical distancing regulations are limiting revenue opportunities in the hospitality industry. The Michigan Restaurant and Lodging Association created 'Mission to Save Hospitality' to help create new strategies for the industry. This op-ed author makes the case that the return of revenue from hospitality businesses will stimulate local & state economies, generating over $2 billion in state sales tax each year.

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Are they Here to Stay: Alcohol-To-Go Services


Virginia data June 15, 2020 Will Alcohol-to-go sales become a permanent practice for restaurants and bars? A National Restaurant Association survey said that 78 percent of Virginians are in support of allowing the practice indefinitely. 33 percent of adults had recently purchased an alcoholic beverage with a takeout order. The new stream of revenue helps restaurants recoup costs, but many are still operating at a loss.

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Future of Clubs with Social Distancing Measures 

  The Guardian

Quarantine RaveJune 15, 2020 What happens when nightlife is closed? People make their own parties. Thousands of people attended the two latest quarantine raves in Greater Manchester, which resulted in one death, one reported rape, and 3 stabbings. Save legal nightlife and let bars reopen safely.

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Data Dashboards Analyze Alcohol Consumption Patterns 

  Cambridge News & Deerfield Independent

Young people drinking June 15, 2020 Almost one out of four Wisconsin residents reported binge drinking in the past month, which is higher than the national average. Youths reporting alcohol use is down in the past month, with 33% of female and 28% of male youth reporting the consumption of alcohol. Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) released data dashboards to analyze alcohol consumption patterns to prevent future consequences. Additionally, DHS launched 'Small Talks' campaign to help prevent underage drinking.

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First Reopening Guide for Your Business

Safety Guide

Need guidance on how to reopen safely? Ever considered staggering patron arrival times before an event to avoid the line and curb the spread of COVID-19? Event Safety Alliance released its first reopening guide to address health & sanitation issues with eye-catching tips & advice for every business.

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Consequences of Closed Public Restrooms


No Public restroom June 11, 2020 What consequences can be expected from closed public restrooms amid coronavirus? New York City, New Jersey and Chicago are experiencing an increase of public urination. New Jersey State Police Superintendent Col. Pat Callahan issued a warning after finding urine and feces in public areas. Twitter account, @OpenYourLobby, urges museums and theaters to make their restrooms accessible during the Black Lives Matter protests.

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Rocking Out From Their Seats

  VOA News

Netherlands Rocking Out from their Seats June 6, 2020 Nijmegen, Netherlands, experiments with its first attempt to resume nightlife after the coronavirus outbreak. Doornroosje, a dutch club, introduces "dis-dancing" (physically distant dancing) on the dance floor as young clubbers enjoy electronic dance music. Is this the future of danceclubs - rocking out while sitting in chairs 5 ft apart? 

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Covid-19’s Metamorphoses: The future of the social economy

  Vibe Lab

COVID-19s MetamorphosesJune 5, 2020 One month after publication, "the article’s projections of the impact and recovery of COVID-19 have already proven prophetic, with many short-term predictions already becoming a reality." Check out Vibe Lab's key points summary of the article on the future of nightlife written by RHI's Alicia Scholer and Philip Kolvin, former chair of the London Commission.

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Future of Clubs with Social Distancing Measures 


Nighttime June 5, 2020 Will reduced capacity in bars and night clubs change its cultural value? Scotland SubClub owner, Mike Grieve, stresses that the nature of these businesses rely on close-up social interactions, making it nearly impossible to see a future for clubs without a vaccine. Grieve says clubs are "vital to their sense of self and wellbeing," and though the future of clubs may look different, "dancing will prevail."

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Unlock 1 Plan & Standard Operating Procedures Reopen New Delhi, India


Unlock 1 Plan & standards June 4, 2020 As part of its 'Unlock 1' plan, New Delhi, India's Central Government reopened restaurants located outside of #ContainmentZones. Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare issued Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to enforce mandatory sanitizer dispensers, thermal screening provisions, maintain social distancing of at least six feet, and the use of facial masks. Persons over the age of 65 years old, pregnant women, children below 10 years of age, and people with health conditions are advised to stay home.

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Creation of Social Districts: Outdoor Common Drinking Area

  The Detroit News

Detroit News June 3, 2020 The Michigan House Regulatory Reform Committee advanced two bills that allows for the distribution of beverage alcohol through take out and/or delivery services and for the creation of 'Social Districts'. These social districts will allow guests to consume beverages alcohol in designated outdoor common areas amid the current pandemic.

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Northern Virgina's Phase Two Guide 

  Inside Nova

Arlington CountyJune 3, 2020 Northern Virginia and Richmond prepare their businesses as they move into phase two of their reopening. Occupancy may not exceed 50% in restaurants. Disinfection of  frequently-contacted surfaces must be conducted every 60 minutes. 

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Open-Air Cafe in Vilnius, Lithuania

  LRT English

Cafe Open-Air June 3, 2020 What happens when a street turns into a giant open air cafe? Reality check: Residents of Vilnius, Lithuania, continue to complain about the aftermath - noise, vomit, and broken glass. The occupied area makes it difficult for residents to walk, cycle, and drive in the area, let alone have accessibility for the disabled community. A districtwide reopening plan is needed.

READ MOREDoes Transforming Vilnius into an Open-Air Cafe Exclude People?What Does Phase Two Mean?



A New Kind of 'Life Guard On Duty' 

  The Hour

LifeguardJune 1, 2020 Who's in charge of overseeing physical distancing and sanitation standards in bars & restaurants? One restaurant in Charleston, South Carolina, is calling for a lifeguard on duty, and their whistle, to uphold these safety standards. Newly installed watchtowers will be where lifeguards will be stationed to oversee guest interactions.

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