Sociable City Academy on Nighttime Management

Sociable City Academy on Nighttime Management is a professional training for night managers and nighttime advisors. Presented with online seminars and onsite case studies and sessions to assist you build the foundation for a dedicated office on nighttime management with staff.

The Academy will be especially helpful for city planners, elected officials, aspiring or current night mayors, police, nightlife venue operators and business district managers, as well as any "big picture thinkers" in nightlife planning and management.

Learning Goals:
  • Identify driving forces that are changing downtowns and town centers from shopping districts to social districts
  • Gain insights on how cities are creating an entertainment commission or an office on nighttime management with dedicated staffing (night mayor/manager)
  • Get the tools you need to evaluate the current status of your city’s nighttime economy
  • Once you have a plan for creating an office with staff you will learn how to apply RHI’s building blocks in creating an action plan
Academy Agenda: Friday, April 1, 2022   |  9 AM to 3 PM | Hosted by the National League of Cities

online: foundation

onsite: Case studies

The Academy will feature guest faculty bringing case studies on various approaches to nighttime management.

onsite: strategy planning