Academy on Nighttime Management

Starting in Late 2022, RHI is Taking its Show on the Road!

By popular request, RHI staff will be bringing its Academy series to states that are hotspots for sociability. First up: Texas, Florida and California! If you think your state would benefit from this learning experience, write to

What is the Sociable City Academy?

The Sociable City Academy on Nighttime Management is a professional training for night managers and nighttime advisors. Presented with online seminars and onsite case studies and sessions to assist you build the foundation for a dedicated office on nighttime management with staff.

who should attend the Academy?

"Big picture thinkers” who care about making their city’s nightlife safer, more vibrant and better planned should attend this event. City planners, elected officials, police, social venue operators, business district managers and aspiring (or current) night mayors should send a team from their city.

e-learning and on-site education

The learning begins as soon as you register! You’ll have access to RHI’s seminar series and e-learning curriculum to get you started on how to create a framework for a comprehensive sociable city plan. Once you get on-site, you’ll get an action-packed day filled with case studies, facilitated discussion and interactive activities. You’ll also network with your peers statewide.

Learning Goals:

Bring your team for an immersive experience with case studies and tools for you to set priorities for creating an Action Plan.

  • Identify how national trends and market forces are driving change in downtown social economies
  • Gain insights on how cities are creating an entertainment commission or an office on nighttime management with dedicated staffing (night mayor/manager)
  • Get the tools you need to evaluate the strengths, challenges and opportunities in your city’s social economy
  • Once you have a plan for creating an office with staff you will learn how to apply RHI’s building blocks in creating an action plan

onsite: strategy planning