Sociable City Summit 2022 Banner - The Summit will take place April 1-3 2022 in Washington DC at the Farimont Hotel

Social Economy Recovery and Revitalization

Experience Washington, DC as a Learning Laboratory

Do You Care About Nighttime Safety, Vibrancy, and Governance?

If so, the Sociable City Summit is where you need to be. Every year, RHI showcases global thought leaders, practitioners and technical experts on nighttime planning and management. The greatest minds will meet and reunite in person in 2022 at RHI's annual event focused on recovery and revitalization.  

Does your City Want an Office of Nighttime Management?

Attend the pre-Summit Academy for in-depth "Night Mayor" training.
Get the tools to build a foundation for a safe, vibrant and sustainable social economy.

Program Themes

Learning opportunities

  • Nightlife Recovery: Stories of perseverance and revitalization of cities’ social economies
  • Public Safety and Policing in Social Districts: How to do more with less officers amid national tensions
  • Diversity in the Social Economy: Patronage, Social Options and Tourism
  • New Frontier of Regulating Nightlife: Beyond alcohol, new partners are equally important, like health and fire
  • Going Green: How to incorporate sustainable practices in hospitality venues
  • Outdoor Dining: Things to consider before you make your streeteries, parklets, etc. permanent
  • Making the Financial Case: How to prove the economic value of nightlife post-COVID

Learning Opportunities

connect with global leaders

  • DC as a learning laboratory: DC leaders will share strategies for social economy management in a variety of panels.
  • District Tours: Take curated tours to several social hotspots to experience nightlife management in action in the nation’s capital.
  • Networking Forums: Join peer-to-peer discussions on emerging trends, strategies and solutions. Meet with others outside of your normal network to learn about successful strategies in tackling many unique challenges of a vibrant nighttime social economy.
  • Association Showcase: Washington, DC is home to many national and international associations whose members represent key involved in social economy management. We’re convening representatives of various associations so you can learn about resources and model policies that can help your city.
  • Technical Workshops: Educational sessions and city showcase presentations.