Build a Team

The changing dynamics of a city's social economy requires a balance between market forces and governance.

Starts with a Foundation

Planning, managing and policing a vibrant nighttime social economy begins with a formal foundation of dedicated staff and influencers.

Building Blocks

An Action Plan is built upon effective integration of planning, safety and vibrancy. Build your team to attend the Academy or Summit with representation from each.

Consider inviting the following stakeholders

  • Night Mayors/ Managers
  • City Managers
  • Nightlife Advisory Board
  • Elected Officials
  • Business District Managers
  • City Planners
  • Economic Development Directors
  • Mobility Systems
  • Residential Associations
  • University Administrators
  • Alcohol Regulators
  • Police: Municipal & Campus
  • Licensing & Regulatory Staff
  • Fire Department
  • Health Department
  • Code Compliance
  • Private Safety/Security
  • Venue Operators
  • Hospitality Associations
  • Event Planners
  • Music & Nightlife Advocates
  • Entertainment Marketing
  • Tourism/Destination Marketing

Maximize your Experience

Benefits of bringing a team

  • Gain a foundation of knowledge on nighttime economy management
  • Share priorities on how to improve nightlife safety and vibrancy
  • Contact information for colleagues from multiple stakeholder perspectives

Since the 2015 Sociable City Summit

215 Cities

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48 States & Provinces

Sent representatives to the Sociable City Summit

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Sent representatives to the Sociable City Summit

67 Cities

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