Nighttime Governance

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Sociable City Interviews

Michael Fichman

Data Informed Analysis in Nighttime Governance

Andreina Seijas

The Emerging Field of Nighttime Studies with Researcher Andreina Seijas

Randall White

The Economy Doesn’t Stop at 5PM: Randall White on the 24/7 Economy

Michael Paul

Atlanta Names its First Night Manager

Carolina Durán

A Look Inside Bogota’s Globally Recognized Pandemic Response

Richard Guiney

COVID Pandemic Resulting in Big Changes to Dublin’s Social Scene

Robert Bookman

NYC's Nightlife Recovery: Post-COVID Opportunities and Challenges

Steve Schmidt

How Alcohol Regulators Becam eht "COVID Police" for Bars and Restaurants

Rosa Escareño

Chicago's Inter-Agency Model to Regulate Nightlife

Shawn Townsend

Benefits of a "Night Mayor"

Allison Harnden

What Makes a Successful Nighttime Manager

Ariel Palitz

NYC Office of Nightlife Amplifies the Needs of Nightlife

Mirik Milan

The Man Who Started the Night Mayor Movement

Jocelyn Kane

Building a Bridge Between Nightlife and Residences

Tina Lee-Vogt

Sacramento Nighttime Management Based on Partnerships

Sociable City News

April 15, 2021

Highlights from RHI's 2021 Sociable City Virtual Summit

February 15, 2021

COVID is Bringing Changes in How People Drink and Socialize

January 15, 2021

Nighttime Management Leaders Share Insights on the Future of Sociability

October 15, 2020

Expanded Outdoor Dining Gets Businesses Through the Winter

September 15, 2020

Discovering New Ways to Socialize in the COVID Era

Sociable City Webinars

International Public Safety and Policing Nightlife Districts

Safety in the Nighttime Economy

A Relationship Approach to Manage Nightlife Security

Building Hospitality Alliances

From Social Distance to The New Sociability

RHI Presents What the Future Holds for Nightlife and the Social Economy

San Jose, CA City Showcase

How San Jose Reduced Police Budgets and Enhanced Vibrancy

Wellington, New Zealand City Showcase

Prevent Alcohol-related Harm through Licensing & Community-driven Campaigns

Calgary, AB, Canada City Showcase

Innovative Ways to make Nightlife Safer and More Vibrant

San Francisco, CA City Showcase

Model Policy that Balances Safety with Fun

Milwaukee, WI City Showcase

Enhanced Nighttime Economy through Partnerships and Licensing

Delray Beach, FL City Showcase

Innovative Ways to Make Nightlife Safer and More Vibrant

Lexington, KY City Showcase

Building Nightlife from the Ground Up

Victoria, BC, Canada City Showcase

Mayor's Late Night Task Force Initiatives

Philadelphia, PA City Showcase

Making the Business Case for Cultural Diversity and Nightlife

Great Music Cities

How to Support and Nurture a Music-Driven Economy

What do Women Want Downtown?

Design Downtown for Women, and Men Will Follow

Public Space Management

The Delicate Balance: Streets and Sidewalks as Social Destinations

Build a Music Economy

Alliances Form to Enhance Development and Reduce Risks

Public/Private Safety Partnerships

Reduce Nighttime Crime through Public/Private Alliances

Harm Reduction

How Communities and Nightlife Venues can Reduce Harm

Entertainment Districts with Open Containers

When Drinking Enters Public Space

Public Safety and Policing Nightlife Districts

The Nighttime Economy

Sexual Assault and Aggression in Nightlife

Strategies to Reduce Risk and Promote Safety

Policing Nightlife in College Communities

Building Trust and Productive Relations

Eco-Friendly Approaches to Address Quality of Life Concerns in Nighttime Districts

Reduce Sound and Save Money through Green Upgrades to Hospitality Venue

Nightlife Challenges in College Towns

Balancing College Social Life and Personal Accountability

The Sociable City

What's Sociability Got To Do With it?

Transportation for the Other 9 to 5

From Charleston to San Francisco - Innovation in Transport Management

Studentification of Downtown

Managing the Impact of Students and Universities on Towns and Cities

Urban Nightlife

Race, Culture and Public Space

Urban Mobility

Tnc's, Taxis, Pedestrians, Parking

Assessing Economic Impacts of Nightlife

How Does Nightlife Benefit Your Local Economy?

The Value and Costs of a Vibrant Social Economy

Building a Case for Conducting an Economic Study

City Alliances Reform Nightlife Policies

The Rise of Public-Private Partnerships to Help Manage Nightlife

Does Your City Need a Night Manager?

A Global Movement Brings Structure to the Nighttime Economy