About Us

Creating Safe and Vibrant Places to Socialize

Our Founding Philosophy

Hospitality is creating the social space for people to dine, drink, listen to music and dance.
Responsible Hospitality is assuring a safe and secure environment accessible to all.

80+ Cities

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42+ States

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Our Mission  |  Our Network

Assisting communities in the planning and management of hospitality zones to create safe, vibrant and economically prosperous places to socialize

Our Mission

RHI's mission is to provide technical assistance that builds local capacity; incubate and share cutting-edge information and proven strategies; and link a broad-based network of professionals who plan, manage and police nightlife districts

Our Network

RHI's influence extends throughout the world. Our services, media and events advance the professional development of nighttime managers and facilitates creation of collaborative alliances to guide the social economy

How We Assess Cities

Building Blocks of a Sociable City TM

Nightlife is complicated. So, let’s think big picture. Safe, vibrant and well-managed social economies need all four Building Blocks of a Sociable City™ to succeed. RHI analyzes cities using a comprehensive framework.

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