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Creating Safe and Vibrant Places to Socialize

Is RHI Right for your City?


A safe and vibrant economy requires big picture thinking. RHI would be a good fit if your city is experiencing any of the challenges listed below. Your city may also benefit from the following opportunities we can help you with.

We'll help you

with your toughest challenges

We'll help you

capture opportunities

Toughest Challenges

  • Outdated ordinances
  • Risky venue practices
  • Strained community relations
  • Violence and disorder
  • Underage drinking
  • Impaired driving
  • Sound complaints
  • Traffic from ride-shares
  • Reduced police budgets

Capture Opportunities

  • Create a positive vision for your social economy
  • Restore a high quality of life
  • Enhance localism in dining and craft beverages
  • Coordinate parking and ride-shares
  • Nurture creative culture in music and performance
  • Facilitate an inter-agency safety plan
  • Modernize ordinances and licenses
  • Build collaborative alliances
  • Preserve cultural heritage of music and  venues