Thought Leaders Share Insights on Trends and Strategies

Global Thought Leaders Share Wisdom and Experience on Trends in the Nighttime Economy

Jan Ramsey

The Mastermind Behind OffBeat's Musical Revolution

Mickey Bakst

Sobriety and Success in Hospitality: Ben's Friends' Mission

Sacha Lord

Meet UK's Nightclub Expert

Philip Kolvin

The UK’s Leading Authority on the Evolving 24/7 Vision from 2020 to 2024

Stephen Parker

Advocating for the Future of Music and Performance Venues

Arline Bronzaft

Bringing Logical Solutions to Sound Conflicts in Nightlife

Josh Levin

Josh Levin's Journey: From Restaurants to Governance

Joe Reilly

Iowa's Nighttime Mayor Shares Nighttime Social Trends

Paul Seres

Paul Seres: Crafting Spirits and Shaping Nightlife in New York

Peter Marks

Peter Marks: Resilience in Adversity

Mark Klukow

Innovative Leader in the Minneapolis Policing Sector

Barbara Sibley

Woman Chef & Owner Shaping The Hospitality Sector for Future Generations

Ivonne Roman

Female Advocate and Leader in Policing: 30:30 Initiative Project

Robert Smith

Nightclub Security National Leader

James Keblas

Keeping Music Alive in Seattle

Armando Sanchez

Pioneer in Nighttime Management

Jim Mosher

Pioneer in Alcohol-Harm Reduction Policy

Linda Major

How a College Town Became a Pioneer in Alcohol Risk Management

Michael Kill

From Bartender to Advocate, Michael Kill Takes on Government Forces

Chelsea Arganbright

Social Opportunities for Women Seeking Inclusivity and Safety

Tina Lee-Vogt

Sacramento's First-ever Nighttime Economy Manager

Alby Bocanegra

Bringing Nighttime Governance Systems to a Global City Network

W. Vito Montone

The Sweet Spot in Impaired Driving Prevention – Promotion

Michael Fichman

Data Informed Analysis in Nighttime Governance

Andreina Seijas

The Emerging Field of Nighttime Studies with Researcher Andreina Seijas

Randall White

The Economy Doesn’t Stop at 5PM: Randall White on the 24/7 Economy

Michael Paul

Atlanta Names its First Night Manager

Bobby Boone

How Lifting Barriers for Small Business Owners Creates a More Vibrant Social Economy

Darrel Stephens

Policing Pioneer Darrel Stephens on the Future of Nighttime Safety

Lutz Leichsenring

How Nighttime Economy Leaders are Nurturing Creative Spaces

Carolina Durán

A Look Inside Bogota’s Globally Recognized Pandemic Response

Matt Daus

How the Pandemic Affected Transportation: A Conversation with Transportation Expert Matt Daus

Rose Burrows

Everything You Need to Know about Toronto’s New Noise Team

Gerard Farrell

The Future of Dublin’s Nightlife Scene Post COVID

Sunil Sharpe

Preserving Cultural Spaces in Major Cities

Richard Guiney

COVID Pandemic Resulting in Big Changes to Dublin’s Social Scene

Dominique Greco

Former Night Mayor Launches Local Hospitality Alliance

Steve Schmidt

How Alcohol Regulators Becam eht "COVID Police" for Bars and Restaurants

Robert Bookman

NYC's Nightlife Recovery: Post-COVID Opportunities and Challenges

Jason Swanson

ID Scanning Tech as the Next Frontier for Verifying Age and Vaccination Status

Tina Lee-Vogt

Sacramento Nighttime Management Based on Partnerships

Tom Moriarity

Main Street Will Return on Time

Michael Bracy

New Ways to Access and Share Music

Michael Toscano

Cute Garnishes and Peeled Oranges: How the Consumer Drives Mixology Trends

Jocelyn Kane

Building a Bridge Between Nightlife and Residences

Kristen Barden

Mobile Music and More Creative Ideas in the Heart of DC

Reuben Buford May

An Optimistic Vision for a More Inclusive Nightlife

Sarah Toutant

Research on Women of Color Excluded from Nightlife

Greggor Mattson

Loss of LGBT+ Bars, Clubs & Nightlife Venues

Jon Stover

Customer Patterns Predict the Future of Downtowns

Paul Looker

Education First, Enforcement Second

Dominique Greco

What Downtowns Can Learn From Theme Parks

Sara Berns

How a Hot Destination for 20-Somethings Pivoted in the Pandemic

Mirik Milan

The Man Who Started the Night Mayor Movement

Paul Seres

Nightlife as an Incubator for Creative Visionaries

Jean Homza

What it Will Take to Reopen Live Music Venues

Brian Block

How Music Will Return to Austin

Lester Jones

Trends in COVID-Era Beverage Alcohol Consumption

Danielle Robinson

How to Mix Culture into Drinks

Kathie Durbin

Flexibility in Alcohol Licensing Provides Venues with More Opportunity

Ariel Palitz

NYC Office of Nightlife Amplifies the Needs of Nightlife

Robert Pomplun

Security Training and Civility in Nightlife

Allison Harnden

What Makes a Successful Nighttime Manager

John Samuel

Impacts of COVID on Differently-Abled Communities

John Bodnovich

Alcohol Industry Trends During COVID

Shawn Townsend

Benefits of a "Night Mayor"

Robert Saltz

Alcohol and Sociability Trends During COVID

Rosa Escareño

Chicago's Inter-Agency Model to Regulate Nightlife

Philip Kolvin

Reimagining the Future of the Social Economy


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