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NYC Office of Nightlife Amplifies the Needs of Nightlife

Ariel Palitz

The New York Office of Nightlife was created to give nightlife businesses, patrons and residents affected by nightlife a seat at the table. Pre-pandemic goals were to elevate the culture of nightlife and improve quality of life for neighborhoods with nightlife activity. COVID-19 threw a wrench into these bucket list goals. Palitz discusses how the office continued to amplify the needs of the nightlife industry during the pandemic. As the industry slowly moves out of survival mode, her office is dedicated to helping businesses reopen and re-employ workers and artists. Residents and nightlife don’t always mix. In anticipation of nightlife reopening, the office has created Mend NYC, which offers free mediation services to help residents and nightlife businesses resolve their conflicts and better coexist when the “new normal” arrives.

Ariel Palitz

Senior Executive Director

New York City's Office of Nighlife, Mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment

Ariel Palitz is the first Executive Director of the Office of Nightlife in New York City. Appointed in 2018, Ariel serves as a dedicated liaison and advocate for nightlife needs. A lifelong New Yorker and a well-versed nightlife professional, Ariel brings more than two decades of industry and community-building experience.