Academy on Social Economy Management

Wednesday, May 7, 2025 | 9:00am-3:00pm

The Sociable City Academy is your portal to a richer experience at the Summit. Join hundreds of past graduates who learned how to build the foundation for a Sociable City plan.

The Academy is a one-day pre-Summit professional training for nighttime managers, public safety teams, planners and advisory board staff. Presented with online seminars and onsite case studies and sessions to assist you build the foundation for a dedicated office on social economy management.

Many of the night managers and advisory boards in North America have attended RHI's Sociable City Academy and Summit. The curriculum follows the "building blocks of a sociable city" process.

This year's Academy will provide more peer-to-peer discussions so you and your team will learn how others cities are developing their daytime and nighttime social economy, strategies to streamline the permit process, form interagency teams for improved venue compliance, and support for more live music, entertainment, festivals, and events.

Join Hundreds of Academy Graduates

The first Academy was held in 2018 in New Orleans, and continued every year except 2021. Build your team and be part of a growing network of professionals from multiple disciplines and backgrounds. The Academy is recommended for first time attendees to enhance the learning experience at the Summit.

What is a Nighttime Manager

Throughout North America there are 30+ cities with a office and/or night manager to build alliances and focus resources on planning, managing and policing an active social economy.

Learn About the Position

The nighttime manager is like the conductor of an orchestra, with a music score or "action plan" that coordinates each section.

There are three "sections" in the social economy, The manager understands each section to maintain harmony.

Finally, a formal system of governance is the foundation to assure continuity and progress.

Access Decades of Experience and Learning

The learning begins when you register!

You’ll have access to RHI’s seminar series and e-learning curriculum to get you started on how to create a framework for a comprehensive sociable city plan. Once you get on-site, you’ll get an action-packed day filled with case studies, facilitated discussion and interactive activities. You’ll also network with your peers statewide.

Sociable City Academy Program

The Sociable City Academy consolidates RHI’s 40 years of research, experience, and lessons learned from thousands of stakeholders representing hundreds of cities participating in RHI events, online forums, and consultation services.

RHI staff Alicia Scholer and Jocelyn Kane will guide you through the essential framework of a sociable city plan: Planning, Safety, Vibrancy, and Governance. Jim Peters will provide a framework for venue and public safety.

Section 1 guides you and your team with others to compare current systems in your city with theirs and return with proven strategies and resources. This will focus on your current process to build collaborative alliances to manage current and emerging areas with a concentration of social clusters where people dine, drink, listen to music, and dance.

  • What are your challenges?
  • What are your strengths?
  • How are other cities managing risk and expanding opportunities?

Section 2 delves deeper into one of the most challenging elements of a Sociable City Plan, Safety in a Social District. It takes you on a journey of the evolution of safety and security in nighttime social districts, focusing on two components:

  • Operating a social venue serving alcohol and providing live or DJ entertainment with dancing presents an increased number of risk factors.
  • An effective public safety strategy goes beyond police, requiring broad collaboration and risk management among many key stakeholders.
  • Build a continuum of public safety resources and strategies, from efficient and informative licensing and permitting to early assistance teams

RHI's Building Blocks

our approach


An alliance of stakeholders dedicated to nighttime governance is key to long-term success


Sociable cities anticipate mobility needs and create systems to maintain a high quality of life


Safety in social districts and within venues requires coordination among public and private partners


Vibrancy is created by the mix of social experiences in venues and in public space both day and night

Team Training  |  Create Your Action Plan

Bring your team for an immersive experience with case studies and tools to create an Action Plan.

  • Identify how national trends and market forces are driving change in downtown social economies
  • Gain insights on how cities are creating an entertainment commission or an office on nighttime management with dedicated staffing (night mayor/manager)
  • Get the tools you need to evaluate the strengths, challenges and opportunities in your city’s social economy
  • Once you have a plan for creating an office with staff you will learn how to apply RHI’s building blocks in creating an action plan


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Summit Registration Includes: Thursday and Friday Breakfast and Luncheon; and Thursday and Friday Educational Presentations and Workshops.

Academy Registration Includes: Online learning and onsite training, luncheon and breaks. Also includes workbook and reference documents.

Summit $50 Team Discount: Teams of 3+ people from the same city qualify for a Summit team discount. Write to Susan Hernandez to get your team discount code. Each person registers separately using the same code.

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