We'll Send in the Experts

RHI Services are designed to achieve buy-in with your city’s top decision makers.
An action blueprint will guide your next steps.

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Hands-On Help
in the Social Economy

RHI Services offer an in-depth analysis of your city’s strengths, challenges and opportunities in the social economy.

We’ll observe your nightlife firsthand through district tours. Focus groups and background research will guide our discovery process to create customized solutions for your city’s unique needs.

We’ll help you build bridges of trust and communication between key stakeholders. Our inclusive process mobilizes a team of people with credibility and access to resources. They’ll ensure that the diverse voices from your city are heard to create truly transformational change.

RHI Services

How We Can Help

Sociable City Assessment

Develop a Comprehensive Action Plan for Long-Term Success

A community engagement process, RHI will help build bridges of trust and communication among 100+ stakeholders. An in-depth analysis of your city’s social economy will identify trends, strengths and challenges in RHI’s Six Core Measures of a Sociable City. You’ll receive a detailed Action Plan to serve as a blueprint for city and community leaders to enhance vibrancy, assure safety and refine systems for governance and planning.

Sociable City Orientation

Get your Feet Wet with an Intro to Key Concepts

New to social economy management? RHI will guide you to form a working group of key stakeholders. An interactive seminar will introduce you to trends, best practices and strategies using RHI’s signature framework, Six Core Measures of a Sociable City. Facilitated discussion with a small working group will identify a shared vision for your city’s social economy.
"Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others"
~  Jonathan Smith

The Aims

rhi brings skilled professionals

  • Preserve and advocate for the social, cultural and economic value of dining and entertainment
  • Provide suggestions for improving the allocation of resources and updates to legislation
  • Ensure public safety to reduce crime, harm and disorder while minimizing quality of life impacts
  • Maintain communication between government and businesses regarding policy and procedures

The Outcomes

achieve the following

  • Selection and training of dedicated staff to be leading advocates for a safe and vibrant nightlife
  •  Guidance on how to develop a citywide social economy governance system(e.g. night manager, social economy advisory board) to implement a consensus-driven action plan
  • Data collection tools to evaluate and monitor progress over time

Our Clients

Our clients include Business Improvement Districts, Main Street programs, non-profit organizations and city and county governments’ departments of planning, police and economic development

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Our Role in the Night Manager Movement

RHI advocates for cities to establish a structure within city government to oversee the safe, vibrant and sustainable future of nightlife. Our Sociable City Assessment consultation has resulted in the creation of seven dedicated “Night Manager” staff positions in the US and Canada

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