Our Role in the Night Manager Movement

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US and Canadian Night Managers Regularly Attend RHI's Annual
Sociable City Academy Training and Summit

RHI has advocated for cities to establish a structure within city government to oversee the safe, vibrant and sustainable future of nightlife. The Sociable City Assessment and consultation have resulted in the creation of seven dedicated staff positions and two offices of nightlife in the cities highlighted below.

Austin, TX

Entertainment Services Manager position created within the City of Austin

Fort Lauderdale, FL

Nighttime Economy division (NITE) of the City Manager's Office created
Economy After Dark

Orlando, FL

Nighttime Economy Manager position created within the DDB
Downtown Orlando Nighttime Economy

Pittsburgh, PA

Nighttime Economy Manager created within the City Department of Public Safety
Pittsburgh Sociable City Plan

Seattle, WA

Nightlife Business Advocate position created within the Mayor’s Office of Film and Music

Toronto, ON

Night Economy Ambassador position established within the City of Toronto
Toronto's New Night Mayor

Washington, DC

Director, (Night Mayor position), of the Mayor's Office of Nightlife and Culture created

U.S. Night Mayors at RHI’s
2019 Sociable City Summit in Philadelphia

How Many Night Mayors are There?

In May 2020, more than 45 cities around the world had appointed a “night mayor” or similar position. In the U.S., there are approximately 16 cities with some combination of nighttime governance in the form of: Night Mayor positions; Offices of Nightlife; Entertainment Commission and/or a Nightlife Advisory Board.

Where Night Managers Get Trained

The annual Sociable City Summit and Nighttime Academy have become the training ground for this position to learn about nightlife management and connect with peers.