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RHI’s Annual Signature Events

April 18, 2024  |  Dallas, TX


The Sociable City Academy is your portal to a richer experience at the Summit. Join hundreds of past graduates who learned how to build the foundation for a Sociable City plan. A one-day  professional training for nighttime managers, public safety teams, planners and advisory board staff. Join a professional network of graduates for on-going support. Recommended for first-time Summit attendees.

April 18 -20, 2024  |   Dallas, TX


The Sociable City Summit is the premier trendspotting event on strategies and solutions in governance and management of the social economy. An annual networking event where tools and promising practices are showcased. Each host city becomes a learning laboratory so you can see nighttime management in action. Attend our next Summit as a team for the greatest benefit.

A Welcome from Dallas