Mark your Calendar for the 2023 Summit in NYC

The 2023 Sociable City Summit will celebrate RHI's 40th Anniversary and convene global leaders on nighttime management strategies.

An international alliance of Summit veterans join in building a dynamic program for you and your city team





Program Themes

New York Host Committee Making Big Apple Plans

The NYC Host Committee is developing a dynamic Saturday keynote luncheon program bringing key city leadership to share New York's recovery and future of the nighttime social economy. Plan to attend a Saturday reception to rival previous networking events including the New Orleans second line.

The United Kingdom Showcases Success in Nighttime Management

Philip Kolvin, a regular keynote speaker at RHI Summits, will lead a delegation from the United Kingdom to showcase the many innovations in nighttime management including Best-Bar-None, Purple Flag, among other innovations in nighttime planning and management.

Building a Safety Alliance for Risk Management and Rapid Response

Nightlife settings are typically high-intensity environments with complex dynamics and risk factors. COVID was a catalyst for involvement of multiple city, county and state agencies working together to build risk management and rapid response in cooperation with businesses. This session will convene association representatives from fire, police, health, regulatory and compliance networks showcasing their success.

How IDEAS Strategies will Bring the Next Generation to Your City

Changing demographics over the next decade will make recruitment of workers, students, tourists and businesses more competitive. Cities with a comprehensive approach to Inclusivity, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility and Sustainability (IDEAS) will be better positioned as a destination to live, open a business, study and travel. IDEAS is the most comprehensive approach to addressing social equity and environmental challenges.

Standards on Safety, Security and Sound in Nightlife Venues

The International Nightlife Association will feature its comprehensive certification process for nightclubs on security, safety and sound management. With its global reach and annual awards ceremony, INA's standards are recognized by governments and international tourism organizations. A workshop will be presented on the essential features of the certification process.

Managing Mobility Options to Meet Changing Demands

The regulatory landscape continues to be challenged in keeping up with the multitude of mobility options for people socializing at home and in nighttime districts. Competition for curb space to accommodate personal and commercial transport vehicles, deliveries and take-out requires detailed logistic permitting. The expanded use of bicycles and scooters strain pedestrian movement. This session will guide you through the current state of mobility.

NIGHTCAP Alliance will Lead Discussions on Nighttime Challenges

The NITECAP Alliance is the US network of "night managers." With more than 20 US cities, and more coming on line, members share strategies and best practices on key areas of nighttime risk. Alliance members will lead discussions and present research findings on emerging trends and role of the night manager as a liaison for solutions.