Mark your Calendar for the 2023 Summit in NYC

The 2023 Sociable City Summit will celebrate RHI's 40th Anniversary and convene global leaders on nighttime management strategies.

Join a Global Movement

As of December 28, 2022, there were 22 cities in North America with a Night Manager and/or an Office of Nightlife. Seven more cities plan to hire a position and/or create an office. There are more than 60 global cities and the number is growing with an office or night manager.

  • RHI’s Sociable City Summit is the largest gathering of Night Managers. Hear what it takes to be a Night Manager and how it has made their cities’ nightlife safer, more vibrant, and better managed.
  • The Summit is also a gathering for frontline public safety and police representatives seeking solutions on the nighttime disorder, violence, and closing-time crowds.
  • The Summit also brings advocates for culture, music, diversity, and equity in access to safe social spaces.

Your Gateway to the Future of Sociability

An international alliance of Summit veterans join in building a dynamic program for you and your city team






Summit Program Highlights

The Summit Program follows the Building Blocks of a Sociable City: Foundation, Vibrancy, Safety and Planning. The following are proposed themes for workshops and general sessions.


An alliance of stakeholders dedicated to nighttime governance is key to long-term success


Sociable cities anticipate mobility needs and create systems to maintain a high quality of life


Safety in social districts and within venues requires coordination among public and private partners


Vibrancy is created by the mix of social experiences in venues and in public space both day and night