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Preserving Cultural Spaces in Major Cities

Sunil Sharpe

Regulations enforced by the COVID pandemic have shed a new light on an issue nightlife leader like Sunil Sharpe have been advocating for years: sustainability. As electronic music and DJ culture are at all time highs in Dublin, Ireland, DJs worldwide have been facing job insecurity due to regulations enforced in hospitality zones. Can social venues stay profitable when hospitality industries are targeted by heavy restrictions enforcing early closing times and alcohol licensing issues? As developers pioneer new, profitable projects in place of cultural centers, venue owners are struggling to maintain business under unfavorable conditions, and a lack of support from local authority and government. The nightlife district and hospitality industry in Dublin are calling for both the preservation of cultural spaces as well as the creation of new spaces.

Sunil Sharpe

DJ, Music Producer and Educator

Give Us The Night

Sunil Sharpe is a DJ, music producer and educator. He leads Give Us The Night, a volunteer group of professionals operating within the night-time industry, campaigning for positive changes to nightlife in Ireland. Their recent work has led to the setting up of a Government Night-time Economy Taskforce, on which they are sectoral representatives.