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Sociable City Interviews

Carolina Durán

A Look Inside Bogota’s Globally Recognized Pandemic Response

Sunil Sharpe

Preserving Cultural Spaces in Major Cities

Gerard Farrell

The Future of Dublin’s Nightlife Scene Post COVID

Lester Jones

Trends in COVID-Era Beverage Alcohol Consumption

Jon Stover

Customer Patterns Predict the Future of Downtowns

Sociable City News

April 15, 2021

Highlights from RHI's 2021 Sociable City Virtual Summit

March 15, 2021

Nightlife is an Incubator for the Larger Economy, with Music a Key Culture Builder.

February 15, 2021

COVID is Bringing Changes in How People Drink and Socialize

November 15, 2020

Propane Heaters in Short Supply as Cities Build More Parklets

October 15, 2020

Expanded Outdoor Dining Gets Businesses Through the Winter

Sociable City Webinars

A Relationship Approach to Manage Nightlife Security

Building Hospitality Alliances

From Social Distance to The New Sociability

RHI Presents What the Future Holds for Nightlife and the Social Economy

San Jose, CA City Showcase

How San Jose Reduced Police Budgets and Enhanced Vibrancy

San Francisco, CA City Showcase

Model Policy that Balances Safety with Fun

Milwaukee, WI City Showcase

Enhanced Nighttime Economy through Partnerships and Licensing

Lexington, KY City Showcase

Building Nightlife from the Ground Up

Great Music Cities

How to Support and Nurture a Music-Driven Economy

Eco-Friendly Approaches to Address Quality of Life Concerns in Nighttime Districts

Reduce Sound and Save Money through Green Upgrades to Hospitality Venue

Nightlife Challenges in College Towns

Balancing College Social Life and Personal Accountability

Transportation for the Other 9 to 5

From Charleston to San Francisco - Innovation in Transport Management

Assessing Economic Impacts of Nightlife

How Does Nightlife Benefit Your Local Economy?

The Value and Costs of a Vibrant Social Economy

Building a Case for Conducting an Economic Study

City Alliances Reform Nightlife Policies

The Rise of Public-Private Partnerships to Help Manage Nightlife

Does Your City Need a Night Manager?

A Global Movement Brings Structure to the Nighttime Economy

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