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Sacramento Nighttime Management Based on Partnerships

Tina Lee-Vogt

As California's capital city, a large office worker population drives restaurants and early evening socializing. It also is the largest city servicing the region, especially as a destination for late-night entertainment. The COVID lockdown brought together government agencies and business owners to expand outdoor dining with creative approaches to make people feel safe. At the same time. social justice demonstrations brought additional challenges and opportunities for improvement in public safety strategies. Tina shares what it took to build alliances to tackle overlapping challenges, building a strong foundation for a return of office workers and extended nighttime socializing.

Tina Lee-Vogt

Program Manager

Community Development Department

Tina Lee-Vogt is well prepared for her role in nighttime management, with thirty years of experience in multiple roles including parks, recreation, convention center, police and neighborhood services. She has undergraduate and graduate degrees in public administration.