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Building a Bridge Between Nightlife and Residences

Jocelyn Kane

Cities don’t always know how to mesh nightlife and residences—let alone, how to have them coexist. Jocelyn stresses that government should not try to fit square pegs into round holes. The nightlife industry is fluid, malleable and ever-changing—this is what makes a creative experience for patrons but presents challenges for permitting agencies, regulators and compliance staff. She does say that if anything, the COVID-era has proven that it is possible for government to be nimble in changes to regulation.

Jocelyn Kane

Senior Policy Advisor

Responsible Hospitality Institute

Jocelyn Kane is the former Executive Director of San Francisco's Entertainment Commission, and was charged with ensuring the health and vitality of indoor and outdoor entertainment venues and outdoor events in San Francisco. She also served on San Francisco’s Cannabis Legalization Task Force to bring fair and sensible policy to cannabis regulations. Jocelyn is currently a Senior Consultant for the Responsible Hospitality Institute, helping cities in North America improve their nightlife policies and practices.