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The Economy Doesn’t Stop at 5PM: Randall White on the 24/7 Economy

Randall White

The US economy does not stop at 5PM. The needs of the nighttime economy have traditionally not been considered on an institutional level. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, patterns of how we work, live, and socialize have changed. Randall White’s organization 24HourNation explores opportunities and challenges found in America’s nighttime economy.

According to White, there is untapped political power to be found within the public and private sector coming together to address the needs of the nighttime economy. The interests of the arts, alcohol, and urban revitalization, for instance, can coalesce in their common goal of creating a vibrant sociable nighttime experience. White and Jim Peters of RHI discuss the ways a Nighttime Economy Manager (Night Mayor) can advocate for nighttime businesses on a city level, regardless of the city’s size. At its core, nightlife is an experience that brings people together and fosters community.

Randall White

Host & Curator


Hailing from Oklahoma, Randall White is a former performing artist and economic development volunteer who worked professionally as a non-profit executive, producer of special events and political consultant. He also founded 24HourDallas, a non-profit organization that remains focused on safety, inclusivity and vibrancy in the nighttime economy of Dallas, Texas. White is passionate about the unique experience of a city at night, and the ways they can bring us together.