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Social Opportunities for Women Seeking Inclusivity and Safety

Chelsea Arganbright

Chelsea Arganbright is a young professional with a master’s degree in urban planning. Her driving passion is for biophilic/oceanophilic design, the creation of integrating nature into everyday infrastructure.

In this interview, she discusses her personal needs as a young professional “digital nomad” when socializing in many global cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth in Australia and Athens, Barcelona, London, and Budapest among others. Her needs include finding venues that offer gluten-free options, quality alcohol-free beverages, and a welcoming ambiance.  

As part of a generation seeking healthier and flexible lifestyles, she highlights the importance of safety in the venue where she meets friends, works remotely, or just reads while sipping a beverage. She also wants to be in a safe external environment where she often walks alone through alleys and dark streets.

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Chelsea Arganbright

Urban Planner

Learn more about Chelsea Arganbright: Raised nomadically and carrying on the tradition into adulthood, I’ve lived in eight countries including America, Australia, England, and Spain. After discovering a passion for the effect nature-integrated design has on health and wellness, I completed a master’s in Urban Planning with a thesis on biophilic/oceanophilic design. I’ve also worked in yachting, yoga, executive assisting, and energy healing across three continents. It’s been quite the journey, to say the least, and feel honored to have begun it at RHI during my time interning with Jim and the team.