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Everything You Need to Know about Toronto’s New Noise Team

Rose Burrows

In 2019, the city of Toronto updated it’s Noise Bylaw for the first time since the early 2000s. This bylaw was amended for modernization which included the creation of a Noise Team. Bring in Rose Burrows: Toronto’s dedicated Noise Team Manager. With a team consisting of supervisors, support staff and over 20 bylaw officers, Burrows’ work within the Noise Team ensures that city-wide noise complaints are actioned in ordinance with the city’s new segmented bylaw system. Toronto’s Noise Team serves from 6AM to 2AM 7-days a week leading as one of the first major cities to implement a working Noise Team.

Along with the new dedicated Noise Team, Toronto’s updated noise bylaws work to recognize that variation in sound production has varying impact on residents. During a period in which residents spend a majority of their time at home, this distinction has been more relevant than ever before. Through a surgicalized approach, the updated bylaws stand on objective and measurable criteria. Today, Toronto’s noise team continues to adapt to resident demands as the city continues to face the ongoing pandemic and ever evolving economic development.