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Nightlife as an Incubator for Creative Visionaries

Paul Seres

Nightlife is an incubator for creative visionaries to present the craft they wish to create. Or at least, that’s what it started as. Even before the pandemic started, nightlife had begun to lose its uniqueness and creativity. Nightlife went commercial—with bottle service, cover charges, and exclusive guest lists—the “club scene” started to lose its appeal. The forced pause of the pandemic may lead to a return of socializing akin to the roaring 20’s, with “a new level of fierceness.”

Paul Seres

Founding Trustee

New York City Hospitality Alliance

Paul Seres became the Founding Trustee of the New York City Hospitality Alliance after serving as the President of the New York Nightlife Association. The New York City’s Hospitality Alliance serves as a New York City-based trade association and lobbying organization that represents bars, cafes, lounges, nightclubs and destination hotels.