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How to Mix Culture into Drinks

Danielle Robinson

The spirits, wine, and beer industry plays a key role in supporting the hospitality industry through education, multicultural programming and representation of responsible consumption. Imagine being able to experience another country—right at home! The mixology world is breaking down barriers by sharing unique flavors—a way to share the taste of a new culture through its beverages. Bartenders and “celebrity mixologists” are creating experiences through virtual mixology classes. Uptick in take-home cocktail kits with directions and recipes create a different source of income outside the bar. Virtual cocktail and wine parties keep patrons socializing—but from a safe distance.

Danielle Robinson

Head Corporate Responsibilty

Diageo North America

Danielle Robinson is Head of Corporate Responsibility for Diageo, North America, overseeing charitable donation, philanthropic efforts, employee donations and multicultural programming.