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Trends in COVID-Era Beverage Alcohol Consumption

Lester Jones

When COVID-19 hit, hospitality venues were shut down. They were able to reopen with new options: cocktails-to-go, beer-to-go, expanded outdoor dining—all things that were rare or non-existent pre-COVID-19. Lester comments, “the cats are out of the bag.” Rather than trying to collect them all and put them back in the bag, we should learn how to move forward with our new alcohol policy landscape.

Lester Jones

Chief Economist

National Beer Wholesalers Association

Lester Jones is the Chief Economist for the Beer Wholesalers Association, bringing 20 years of beer industry knowledge. Lester works with beer wholesalers in the Washington, DC area, while also working closely with members in state associations to help promote and advocate for beer distributors.