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Education First, Enforcement Second

Paul Looker

Paul describes his approach as “Education first, police enforcement second.” Edmonton’s Public Safety Compliance Team (PSCT) is a global model of interagency collaboration working with venues to improve compliance through communication and education. During the initial reopening period, venue inspections were easier due to smaller crowds, yet Sgt. Looker anticipated the return of a younger crowd once venues fully reopened. Because of the interagency collaboration and work with venues, the PSCT provided a more efficient response during lockdown and reopening to promote safety and thereby encourage patrons to return to support businesses.

Paul Looker


Public Safety Compliance Team, Edmonton Police Services

Paul Looker of Edmonton Police Services began his policing career in the United Kingdom in 1994. He has been with Edmonton for 14 years. Most recently, public safety compliance has become a large part of his role. Sgt. Looker holds a BSc in Policing and Police Studies through the University of Portsmouth (UK), and is professionally accredited as an Advanced CPTED practitioner through the ICA.