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From Bartender to Advocate, Michael Kill Takes on Government Forces

Michael Kill

Michael Kill is a dynamic leader and advocate for the United Kingdom’s nighttime economy industries. In this interview, he traces his early frontline background with independent bars and clubs to his current role leading a national network of business operators. Shortly after taking the role of CEO of the Night Time Industries Association the world was confronted with COVID.  

Few industries were impacted as much as the pubs, restaurants, and music venues that make up the UK’s nighttime social economy. Using social media and WhatsApp groups (sometimes attendance of 2,000+) to exchange information, Kill served as a liaison between the needs of business and the proposed restrictions by the government. Today as the industry is recovering, the loss of immigrant workers from Brexit, increased energy costs (upwards of 1,000 percent), and additional taxes, especially on alcohol, Kill predicts 1 in 3 venues will close before the end of the year. But he does not accept defeat and continues to be a champion and advocate for government relief and support to save the industry. He believes the government does not understand the nighttime industry, and he aims to fix that.  

With several decades of experience working within independent, corporate and public sector environments at the executive level, Michael Kill specializes in Marketing, Operations, Licensing, Logistics, and System Implementation. He has many senior management roles within Luminar Leisure Plc, The Drinks Group, and the University of East Anglia and now as the Chief Executive of the Night Time Industries Association Kill gathered a deep understanding of a considerable range of businesses within the nighttime economy business sector.

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Michael Kill

Chief Executive Director


Michael Kill's experience extends from working with local and national governments, bringing the unique needs of both independent and multi-site operators of venues and more recently festivals and live music events. He works closely with a considerable number of artists and music brands in developing bespoke shows for both stand-alone events and larger-scale festivals across the UK while maintaining a strong relationship and excellent reputation within the industry as an operator, promoter and procurement specialist.