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New Ways to Access and Share Music

Michael Bracy

Listening to the radio, buying magazines, going to the record store, these are all things that have depreciated in value as music streaming has become the ultimate source. Digital natives have changed the way consumers access and share music. There is a need for cultural infrastructures and a need for policymaker support to help next generation musicians flourish. NEVA, the National Independent Venue Association has helped with the Save Your Stages campaign – popularizing what has been in conversation for about 20 years. REVS, Reopen Every Venue Safely initiative which began in April 2020 has advocated for music policy .changes by lining up 18 pilot cities, ready to turn up their amps and restart the music. Initiatives, movements and governmental funding has provided forms of aid amid the pandemic, but Michael hopes this will continue to be a meaningful engagement around music policy.

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Michael Bracy


Music Policy Forum

Michael Bracy, Advocate, Strategist and Connector for the Public and Government Affairs firm Bracy Tucker Brown and Valanzano. Co-founder for non-profits, the Future of Music Coalition (1999) and the Music Policy Forum (2017), Michael helps industry leaders apply lessons in a pragmatic and actionable way.