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Reimagining the Future of the Social Economy

Philip Kolvin

Philip Kolvin cautions city leaders not to let the free market decide how best to fill in vacancies downtown caused by the wake of COVID-19. If cafes, bars, restaurants and retailers turn into housing, we’ll never get our social spaces back. The result will be the loss of a city’s heart and soul. City leadership has a duty to curate city centres for the social needs of the community. Daylife (socializing during the day) just might become the new nightlife.

Philip Kolvin

Former Chair

London Nighttime Commission

Philip Kolvin QC is the Head of Cornerstone Barristers, a London Chambers with national coverage, specializing in town and country planning, licensing, property and regulatory law. Philip is a leading specialist in the field of licensing, working across the spectrum of regulatory control including alcohol, entertainment, sports, gambling, transportation and adult entertainment. His clients include national and local regulators, police, the industry from national chains to independent operators, and also community and campaign groups.