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The Sweet Spot in Impaired Driving Prevention – Promotion

W. Vito Montone

Vito Montone introduces ONUS, a unique social app that earns credits for free rides based upon planning a social night out. Unlike other more enforcement and punitive approaches to impaired driving prevention, the business model earns the user credit the moment the app is opened, for searches on where to go to meet friends to dine or drink, and networking to finalize plans. The more a person uses the app, the more credits earned.

The “beta” version was launched in December 2019, just at the beginning of COVID. With more than 1 million impressions and 3,000 users, the early feedback showed 44% of people were able to navigate without assistance. Since it is a portal to Uber and Lyft, most people who use these ride services can benefit with the ease to earn credits for a free ride just through their social activity.

An expanded 18-month pilot is planned in a larger city, building diverse alliances with national and local prevention and business networks.

W. Vito Montone

Chief Operating Officer

ONUS Rides

W. Vito Montone has 30+ award-winning years of producing & marketing expertise across multiple channels, categories, and industries including; entertainment, edutainment, consumer products, and engineering. Skilled in collaborating with stakeholders, staff, and vendors, he has founded multiple companies, has served in leadership roles at Fortune 100 companies, and guided hundreds of start-ups. He currently serves as COO of ONUS RIDES; a next-level responsibility program rewarding consumers of alcohol with ride credits to and from restaurants &bars, creating a safer community while providing purveyors the ultimate loyalty program. 

His can-do attitude, innovative thinking, leadership, and ability to see the bigger picture gives him the ability to move a company’s vision forward, and generate award-winning products, while directly affecting a company's bottom line.