Capturing a Moment in Time

On March 2, 2020, 240 people from 74 cities, 30 states and provinces and 5 countries gathered in Seattle for RHI's 2020 Sociable City Summit. For many, this was the last time in years they flew on a plane, saw live music, and hugged a colleague.

Philip Kolvin, a key figure in the United Kingdom's nighttime economy and regular speaker at RHI events, was the final keynote speaker at the Summit. He provided a concise summation of the two days of workshops. His presentation is a short video on what was possible in March 2020.

While word spread about the first COVID fatalities in Seattle, King County executive Dow Constantine brought a prediction that foretold the future of music and nightlife when everyone returned home. Listen to his presentation to recall that moment of uncertainty about the future.

In preparation for RHI's 2021 Virtual Summit, four cities prepared a status in December 2020. These stories establish a baseline of the impact of COVID on music and nightlife.

A Vision on Hold

It will Never be the Same

Four Cities Share their Story of When the Music Died

Get your tissues ready! Check out these documentaries to see how far we’ve come and how much farther we need to go. Listen to the stories of recovery, creative pivots and hope for the future.

Bring Your Recovery Story to Dallas

Make plans to attend the 2024 Sociable City Academy and Sociable City Summit in Dallas. You can network with peers from around the world to share your stories and gather new ideas to bring back home.