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Responsible Hospitality: A Game Changer

Sustainable practices are transforming the lodging industry

By adopting sustainable practices, businesses can reduce operating costs on waste and energy consumption, increase operational efficiency, and differentiate themselves from competitors.

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Canada's First Cannabis Training

Responsible cannabis service training coming to Canada

Cannabis Server training supports the emerging cannabis hospitality sector to flourish in a safe way and gives regulators and consumers confidence with cannabis-infused dining experiences.

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90% of Sydney Women Don't Feel Safe

Improved Transport Could Add Billions to Economy

The Improving Women’s Engagement in the Night Time Economy brought important data on Sydney's experience at night. A 10 point plan included better nighttime transport to make women feel safer.

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Inside NYC Nightlife

In-depth analysis of NYC venues, technology and survival

An in-depth analysis of trends in nightlife and external forces bringing change to festivals and venues, both large and small. NYC is a bellwether of the future.

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Gen Z Prefers Old-fashioned IRL Dating

Moving away from dating apps to friends to find love

The friend-to-partner approach is replacing online apps and bars for finding a mate, especially for young women. Trust is important, and dating someone from a circle of friends is safer.

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A Bad Sign for On-premise Social Venues

People are drinking more at home than in venues

Since COVID, people have cut back on drinking and are drinking less in bars and restaurants. Non-alcohol beverages are seeing a rise, as well as ready-to-drink cocktails.

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Big Changes Planned in Des Moines

RHI's Assessment report presented to city and county officials

A year long process involving more than 100 stakeholders from government, business and resident resulted in a detailed action plan for Des Moines downtown's nighttime social district.

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Peer Pressure Makes for Safer Nightlife

Sexual Harassment Training, Safe Spaces, and Good Music

Seattle's Peer Pressure parties offer safe spaces for people to gather, with softer environments, trained DJ's and staff to identify risk, and quiet places for games and escape.

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NYC Nightlife Legend Interviewed at Summit

“Club King” Peter Gatien returns to NYC for a live interview

Author of Club King: My Rise, Reign and Fall in NY Nightlife shares an insiders tale of NYC nightlife in the '80s with Interview magazine's editor-in-chief at the Sociable City Summit.

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Foursquare Shares Nightlife Trends

Detailed report analyzes post-pandemic nightlife in US

In an analysis of millions of Americans, Foursquare found that nightlife is on the rise, especially on weekends and after 7PM. Bargoers increasingly prefer budget-friendly bars.

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A Night in the Life

How Night Mayor works to make Philly vibrant

Whether it's sharing his email, informing a bar operator about tax incentives, or mediating a dispute between a venue owner and a neighbor, this keeps Philly thriving at night.

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Alternatives to Nightlife Restrictions

Orlando advocates push back against moratorium

Orlando City Council voted unanimously for a six-month moratorium on new nightclubs downtown. Orlando Hospitality Alliance offers alternative proposals before a final March vote.

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NYC to Patrons: Switch off Face ID

NYC officials offer safety tips for gay bars

In light of recent Anti-LGBT tragedies occurring in NYC gay bars, the NYC Office of Nightlife provided safety advice for venue operators and patrons

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Orlando Bars Owners want Help for Police

5% surcharge proposed for downtown businesses

Surcharge would cover dedicated public safety initiatives and increase police presence in downtown Orlando.

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Pittsburgh Listens to Stakeholders

Testifiers discuss nighttime economy improvements

State Reps in PA hosted hearing on public safety and nightlife, specifically in the South Side neighborhood. Stakeholders discussed issues and solutions.

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Three Step Guide for Life at Night

Insights for city managers on a plan for nightlife

ICMA's Public Management features a detailed guide to build a strategy for planning and managing life at night to enhance vibrancy and assure safety.

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A Cultural Shift in NJ Nightlife

News on perceptions that NJ nightlife is ending early

Interview with bartenders, musicians and venue operators shows a shift to early social activity, from the 2 am and after to a 10 pm closing time.

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Des Moines Tackles Late-night Disorder

RHI working with city to improve safety on Court Avenue

Des Moines is working with RHI on a Sociable City Assessment to build teams to enhance the city's downtown nightlife for safety and vibrancy.

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DC's Multi-Agency Nightlife Task Force

Crime reduction in DC's nightlife districts

DC’s multi-agency nighttime Go Team is getting results! Police, DOT, fire and EMS patrol DC’s top 3 nightlife districts with a 64% decrease in violent crime on weekend nights.

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Revitalization Needed to Reduce Crime

Once popular Vancouver nightspot challenged with crime

Granville area faces urban decay as neglect and loss of nightlife contributes to more crime and disorder. Police put safety first but a better plan is needed.

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A Place for the Queer Asian Community

New Ho Queen, an Asian collective is building community

Toronto's queer Asian community now has a place with nightlife events. This year's New Years celebration is a demonstration of success.

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Alcohol and Sociability in Online Chats

Alcohol does not increase online sociability

Research from the University of Pittsburgh shows people are less social online than in person when consuming alcohol, focusing more on themselves.

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Government Called Upon to Help Nightlife

Industry seeks policy reforms and financial support

Figures from the Office for National Statistics shows hospitality is fuelling the nightlife but worrying trends are emerging of lost jobs and venues.

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Orlando Proposes Ordinance to Limit Nightlife

City addresses nighttime violence with new venue policy

A wave of nighttime violence is pushing the city to change the license process for venues, requiring off-duty police and limits on entertainment.

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Nashville Joins Trend with a "Night Mayor"

Response to nightlife spiraling out of control

The new position will serve as a key liaison to residents and the nightlife industry to address quality-of-life issues like cleanliness, noise (and) safety.‍

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Charleston's New Rules to Stop Violence

Changes in Traffic and a Strategy to Reduce Risk

Recent violence on the popular King Street entertainment district leads to new rules on traffic control, age ID technology, and return to late-hour license.

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Edmonton Survey Seeks Public Input

Discovering a Vibrant Life at Night in Edmonton

A survey seeks input from residents on what they want for the nighttime economy. The goal is to improve communication and a new standard for vibrancy.

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Please Get Your Noise Our of My Ears

Sound Experts Share Insights on Sound

When sound becomes noise is a growing issue with new development mixing nightlife and residents. This podcast provides essential insights for solutions.

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Save the Planet with Sidewalks

Social Life on Sidewalks a Sustainable Option

Imagine if the places where we live were shaped by our social lives, re-imagined to make it easy for us to gather, shop, have fun, eat together, and meet.

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Atlanta Nightlife Past its Prime

Government's Role in Supporting Black Nightlife

Office of Nightlife is important in preserving the cultural importance of Black nightlife in the city. The first priority is a review of the licensing process.‍

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Defining Social Venues in Orlando

Ordinance Defines a Nightlife Venue orRestaurant, or Nightclub

City staff is working to manage Orlando's downtown nightlife better and reduce mounting risk of violence. A new ordinance defines venues and standards for late-night.

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QR Code Menus and Socializing

New Menus Keep The Phone On The Table

People wanting to leave their phones behind now have to keep it to get a menu. How is this trend impacting socializing?

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Body Heat Converted to Energy

A nightclub turns dancers' body heat into energy

Scotland's leadership role in sustainability and renewable energy has a new source from concert-goers' body heat.

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Police Seize Bar's Music System

India's Pune Police take Bar's Music System

The social security cell of Pune police seized a bar's music and sound mixer system in response to playing loud music disturbing residents.

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Nashville Forms Entertainment Police

Unit to reduce overtime and build relationships

Nashville Metro Police announced a new Entertainment District Unit formed with 30 officers, four sergeants, and one lieutenant. Officers get to rank their desired postings and shifts.

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Night Shift Work Taking a Toll

Millions of night workers face health impacts

A vibrant life at night requires workers putting in the hours after midnight, resulting in impacts on their mood, attitude, health, and relationships. Late schedules misalign a person's circadian systems leading to disease.

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Boston Has Big Plans for Nightlife

RHI joins a conversation on Boston's plan

WBUR's "After Dark: Boston at Night" series features a discussion on plans to hire a "Night Czar" to help build a better Boston nightlife with RHI's Jim Peters and Allison Harnden, Pittsburgh Nighttime Economy Manager.

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NYC Nightlife is in the Sober Spirit

Better conversations in NYC sober social venues

A younger generation is seeking alcohol-free choices and new venues open to capture this market. Women are the primary patrons seeking safe, sober social spaces.

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Driverless Rides in San Francisco

Only permits needed to charge passengers

The future is here as Wymo is close to totally driverless cars to transport people for a fee. All that is needed is a California permit to charge fees without a human driver back-up.

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Widespread Harassment of Women

Nighttime Workers Harassed On and Off the Job

A report finds widespread violent, aggressive, sexual, and unwanted behaviors against employees working or on their way to work. Recommendations for government action.

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Proposal to Extend Closing to 4 am

Thailand Minister Advocates Late Night to Boost Tourism

Thailand is considering a 4 am closing time in select nightlife areas to build back air travel and tourism, especially from the US. The plan will also reduce illegal late-night business.

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One in Three Nightclubs Face Closure

One in Three Nightclubs Face Closure by End of 2022

Nightclub closures have accelerated from one in five during the pandemic to one in three now facing closure by the end of 2022, figures clarified by CGA Vanilla reveal. Between December 2021 and September 123 nightclubs have closed.

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Hotspot Policing Used to Fight Violence

Denver and Other Cities Bring Back Old Policing Strategy

As more cities see an increase in violence, especially with guns, police are bringing back proven strategies with a hotspot focus and "beat officers" engaging the community. Denver is focusing on five areas with the highest rates and deploying more officers with special training.

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City of Sydney Awakens

Sydney Joins Cities to Build a Strong Social Economy

Australia’s biggest city is dusting off long-held plans to bring the city's life after the sun goes down from spending on live music, art, and culture, to making late-night shopping a reality. Leading the change is Michael Rodrigues, the first 24-hour economy commissioner for New South Wales with a fund of $33 million.

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The City That Never Sleeps is Waking Up

NYC Nightlife Recovery is Brings New Experiences

NYC Office of Nightlife executive director Ariel Palitz is quoted that young people still have a strong urge to get out and stay out, to let go, drink and dance. She adds the city has an opportunity to build back better in spite of a full-stop from COVID, She sees an opportunity to go beyond how it was.

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Alcohol Sales Bounce Back in 2022

High Earners’ Spending Offsets Lower-income Declines

Economic pressures and social calendars are shaping consumer drinking, but the wellness-driven moderation movement is still part of the equation with long-term implications for the alcohol industry. High earners are driving increased sales while Millennials and lower-income consumers cut back.

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Stag and Hen Parties Generate Conflict

Residents Feel Unsafe Due to Pre-Wedding Parties

A debate among York city council members to create a "Stag and Hen" zone contrasted the added value to tourism with concerns among residents about safety. The organizer of Last Night Of Freedom stag and hen parties said it was unfair to single out these groups as the cause of disturbances.

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Improving Equity in Policing

The Center for Policing Equity Launches New Resources

The project brings a noble task of making policing less racist, deadly, and omnipresent by equipping community leaders with data tools to demand better policing; uplifting community organizers. The first white paper released is on Redesigning Public Safety: Traffic Safety recognizes people of color are most impacted.

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RBS Training Comes to Nigeria

Responsible Beverage Service Training to Reduce Harm

A participant in the responsible beverage service training for owners, managers and bartenders observed "I now understand how to handle underage persons who attempt to purchase alcohol and other techniques for managing sales and responsible consumption of alcohol." The program is supported by International Breweries.

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Give Us the Night Presents Budget

Irish Volunteer Organization Outlines a 9 Point Strategy

Give us the night is a community advocacy organization working to overcome the impacts of development on the nightlife industry, especially music and dance clubs. They propose a nine point strategy to assist the industry and improve transport, sound management, public restrooms, adjust taxes, among others.

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How Organizations Resolve Conflict

Assess and Identify Conflict Situations and Resolve Them

Managing the nighttime conflicts between businesses and residents requires special skills in mediation. This article breaks down the five common approaches and how to identify the best for each situation. The conclusion is that conflict is inevitably part of the human condition—it’s how we handle it that’s important.

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George's Orwell's Favorite Pub Closes

Post-COVID Sound Sensitivity Threatens London's Pubs

The Compton Arms Pub, made famous by George Orwell, is among the many pubs throughout London closing from increased residential sensitivity to sound. Neighborhoods became accustomed to quiet during COVID. Now that nightlife returns, they want it back. In addition, rising energy prices are straining many businesses.

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Tamara Coorg Guests Learn Coffee Making

Eco-tourism destination Brings People Close to Source

A young entrepreneur brings her ecology interests to Millennial and GenZ travelers, who are notably the most informed and conscious. They experience the whole coffee production process. This includes wildlife-sensitive LED lighting which preserves the natural ecosystem of both native and migratory species..

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'Terrace Economy and Nightlife at a New Level

Moving from Parklets and Streeteries to Terraces

As more people seek outdoor entertainment, Shanghai is bringing creative rooftop socializing. It is expected to bring out the best in current spaces in the crowded downtown areas, which fits in the trendy urban planning concept of a "vertical city" as well as "elevating" the nightlife economy to another level.

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Is Nightlife Dead for the Millennial and Gen Z?

Spending Time Socializing at Home Impacts Nightlife

Clubbing is becoming less and less popular with Millennials and Generation Z. Factors contributing to this phenomenon are concerns about security and the new abstinence discussed in the article. All these factors contribute to what some commentators are calling “rave fatigue.” with little value in the famous club nights their elders loved.

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Malcolm Gladwell

Remote Work Removes Social Connections Key Health

Noted Author Malcolm Gladwell received a sharp reaction to his observation remote work can be harmful to mental health. Social connections create a sense of belonging. This is the crux of the whole debate between remote versus in-person.

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Shanghai Receives Nighttime Award

A China City Tops a Nighttime Economy Index

Shanghia tops list for nighttime practices in a six dimension index. leading the country in lights, buses and performance spaces, including a market of performances, and the combination of various business forms of commerce, tourism, cultural, and exhibition industries.

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Independent Music Venues Project

Heritage music venues advocate for preserving culture

A subsidiary of Live Nation is scheduled to manage two concert venues built by the Milwaukee Bucks. This is threatening historic venues that built the city's music culture. Shows that Live Nation brings to independent venues will now be taken to the new concert space.

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Bars Fighting Monkeypox

LGBTQ+ Community Receive Education and Vaccines in Bars

Owners of an NYC queer bar decided to take on the growing fear in the LGBTQIA+ community by working with the health department to bring information and vaccinations to their establishment. The goal is to get hundreds vaccinated at a single location every day.

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Crackdown on Noise in Houston

Solution for Residents or New Burden on Business

Houston nightlife venues within 300 feet of a residence will be required to get a new permit after “numerous complaints” from people who live near these establishments about excessive late-night noise. The Texas trade association claims it will add additional cost on small business.

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UK Industry Leaders Ask PM for Action

Hospitality Leaders Seek Support from Prime Minister

Just as Boris Johnson is replaced as UK's Prime Minister, hospitality industry leaders seek support to offset rising energy and VAT costs that are crippling business. They ask if the billions of pounds spent to save the industry during COVID will be lost if assistance is not provided.

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NOLA Names Nighttime Economy Director

Interview Provides Insights on Background and Goals

Howie Kaplan joins a global network of in his new role as Nighttime Economy Director for New Orleans. As someone from the music and venue industry, he sees his role as a liaison to bring solutions and resolve conflicts in productive ways.

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Denver's Neighborhood Seeks Solutions

Late-night Aggression Unites City and Business Leaders

To address heightened aggression and violence in Denver's LoDo district, venue owner Angela Neri is implementing extra precautions on crowds and alcohol service. Proposals include extending closing time to 4 am or staggered venue closing times.

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Sober Curious Seek Innovation in Drinks

Creative Alcohol-free Drinks Provide More Choices

A cultural shift is happening as more people want equality in beverage choices. Jon O’Connor, president of the Michigan Craft Distillers Association, believes this is a lifestyle shift. He notes the younger generations are a more health conscious than in the past.

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Ranking the Top Ten Nightlife Cities

Barcelona Tops the List with 639 Nightlife Attractions

New research by OLBG has revealed the top 10 cities for the best nightlife in the world. Miami and Las Vegas are the only two American cities making the list competing with Paris, Praque, Lisban, Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam, Dublin and Copenhagen.

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Can New Orleans Return to 24/7?

COVID Forced Many 24/7 Businesses Cut Hours

New Orleans is one of a few cities with a 24/7 alcohol service option. COVID forced most businesses to cut hours, while some closed permanently. Now with more consumer confidence will they seek a return to late-night socializing?

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Manchester Night Czar Has Warning

Many Pubs and Restaurants Need Government Support

Sacha Lord, the Night Time Economy Adviser to Manchester predicts many social venues will close without government support. A survey of landlords predicts that 7 in 10 fear closing unless changes are made to energy costs and VAT taxes.‍

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Saigon Streets to Welcome Pedestrians

To Welcome Tourists with Pedestrian Zone

City planners in Saigon want to be more "nighttime friendly" with tourists by creating a third "pedestrian zone" when a new Metro station is complete. After construction, the areas will support a stronger nighttime economy.

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Demands to Keep the Cinema Open

Vietnam Advocates want Movies to open after midnight

Advocates in Vietnam appeal to officials to allow movie theaters to remain open after midnight to support a growing trend of more "life at night" outside of drinking establishments. The current rules restrict hours to 8 am to midnight.

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Vancouver Getting a ‘Night Mayor’

Single contact for tourism, hospitality, and culture

Vancouver is establishing a nighttime office to be managed on an interim basis by the Hospitality Vancouver Association. “This initiative is creating a 24/7 economy that supports people working in a truly global city,” Downtown Vancouver Business Association president and CEO Nolan Marshall said.

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Cities That Love the Nightlife

A thriving nighttime is critical for a vibrant city

American Planning Association offers an in-depth article showcasing various cities and their approach to nighttime management, including Pittsburgh, Iowa City, Fort Lauderdale, San Francisco, and New York. Get tips on setting up an office on nightlife, and responding to challenges from sound, disorder, and mobility.

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After-hours Alcohol Permit

St Augustine Considers New Policy on Closing Time

The Responsible Hospitality Institute is working with St. Augustine to review plans for a late-night permit being considered to reduce safety and quality of life impacts. The six month study will engage 100+ stakeholders from multiple perspectives to formulate a comprehensive action plan

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Trouble After Dark?

Savannah City Council Commissions Plan on Nighttime Issues

The City of Savannah contracted with the Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI) to conduct a Sociable City Assessment and identify trends and opportunities for the city to create an office on nighttime management for the future of Savannah’s social economy.

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Nighttime Violence

Solutions sought to end violence in nightlife district

Milwaukee — A national organization that has already been working with Milwaukee leaders says it has a plan to help make the city safer at night. The Responsible Hospitality Institute (RHI) says it starts by creating a new department within the city. At least one business says a solution needs to come quickly.

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