Sociable City Assessment

Overview of the process

The Sociable City Assessment is an in-depth analysis of your city’s social economy. The process will identify trends, strengths and challenges in RHI’s Six Core Measures of a Sociable City. You’ll receive a detailed Action Plan to serve as a blueprint for city and community leaders to enhance vibrancy, assure safety and refine systems for governance and planning.

Community Engagement: Stakeholder Perspectives

The SCA is a robust community engagement process. RHI will help build bridges of trust and communication among 100+ stakeholders who care about your social economy and the future of your city.

Framework for analysis

RHI’s conceptual framework will be used to assess strengths, challenges and areas for improvement in nightlife and social economy management.
Timeline: 9-12 Months | 4 On Site Visits | Virtual Interviews | Research
Deliverables: Analysis of Strengths and Challenges | Action Plan Report | Policy Review