Nighttime Economy Management

Join in peer-to-peer small group discussions on emerging challenges and share innovative solutions. Unlike a webinar, there is not speaker. Everyone is an expert and the collective experiences shared in small groups will form the foundation of recommendations to guide future planning.

Gun Violence in Nightlife

Tuesday, June 14 | 10-11am Pacific Time

It seems every weekend there is another shooting in nightlife districts. The issue is complex, and various approaches are being tried, from metal screening at venue entrance to controlled access points in social districts.
ID scanning technology is also being link to metal detectors, and police are able to trace activity of shooters prior to incidents outside the venue.
Join in this discussion with your experience and strategies tried.


Saving the Daytime Social Economy

Tuesday, July 12 | 10-11am Pacific Time

Will office and government workers, tourists, retail shoppers, business travelers want to come to city centers without great choices for breakfast, lunch, coffee and happy hours?
Revitalizing nightlife is a driving force for many cities, but it will be the success of a vibrant daytime social economy that will incentivize return to the office for those seeking the socializing options as well as a workplace outside the home.
Bring your stories and strategies to bring back the daytime economy.