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Night Mayors

What it Takes to be Your City's Nightlife Champion

Cities Worldwide are Desperately Seeking Night Mayors

Five out of seven continents have cities with a night mayor or are formally seeking to hire one.

Is your city next?

Learn what it takes to occupy this high profile position.

Learn from the first generation of US Night Mayors

Thought the title varies—Night Mayor, Night Czar, Nighttime Economy Coordinator, Night Manager—the expectations are the same: a designated liaison among government, business and community stakeholders responsible for promoting music and culture, branding a city’s social experience and maintaining public safety and quality of life in nightlife districts.

During this 90 minute discussion, each panelist will identify the top three lessons learned, recommendations for cities interested in creating a similar position, and the future of nighttime management in the US and globally.


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Allison Harnden

Dominique Greco

Sarah Hannah-Spurlock

Ben Van Houten

Ariel Palitz

Brian Block

Scott Plusquellec

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