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Brisbane’s Nightlife Transportation Strategy

Late-night Taxi Ranks and Night Links
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Prior to 2005, high demand for taxis in the late-night hours was not being met with adequate supply in the nightclub precinct of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Existing taxi ranks (“taxi stands”) were sub-optimal in organization, and drivers were reluctant to pick-up late-night passengers due to fears for safety and vehicle cleanliness. At the mayor’s request, a public-private partnership between city government and the taxi industry was established to develop a new late-night transportation strategy. Secure taxi ranks (a.k.a. taxi stands) were developed as a result. Each secure taxi rank was staffed by a queue supervisor and security officers to manage crowds and advise passengers on how to pay. Supplementing the secure taxi ranks was an additional and innovative nighttime transportation service called “NightLink” taxis. This hybrid taxi/bus service offered a shared ride arrangement, with service from the taxi rank to the passenger’s residence, with fares paid upfront on a zonal, flat fee basis. The NightLink taxi service is augmented by extended operating hours for select bus and train services that are marketed respectively as NightLink buses and NightLink trains. 


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