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Multiple Points of Intervention: Boulder, CO

A Holistic Approach to Addressing DUI and Underage Drinking
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At the time of acceptance as a demonstration site for the NHTSA project, Boulder, CO had been looking for ways to address impacts of alcohol abuse following a series of alcohol-related deaths. A community survey identified underage drinking and driving under the influence as the two top problems in Boulder. By City Council resolution, participation by the City in public/private efforts to address these problems was mandated. As part of the NHTSA project, a hospitality zone assessment was conducted involving 65 community stakeholders. Recommendations from this process took a holistic approach to addressing issues, including prevention of underage drinking and DUI. Beginning from server contact to door security, and from transportation and policing, there are concentric nets that can capture underage and intoxicated patrons that might drive. Repairing gaps in these multiple points of intervention is key to this holistic approach. 


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