Review of Police Training for Hospitality Zones

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To provide broad-based information regarding how to frame training for police officers in hospitality zones within the City of Edmonton. The research that contributed to this report focused on case studies, best practice guidelines, interviews and information gathered from hospitality organizations and police departments including the Edmonton Police Service.

Summary of Research

This research project was conducted on behalf of Responsible Hospitality Edmonton in November 2011. Information was collected from a variety of sources with the aim of providing an overview of the diverse approaches taken by various cities in the policing of hospitality zones. Information sources include the Responsible Hospitality Institute website, Problem Oriented Policing website and proposals from police departments to their city halls. Information on the training and managing of hospitality zones was also collected through direct contact with a number of police departments in Edmonton, Alberta; Calgary, Alberta; Toronto, Ontario; Chicago, Illinois; Boulder Colorado and London England.



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