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Build a Music Economy

Alliances Form to Enhance Development and Reduce Risks

A global movement seeks to bring the concept of "music cities" to government and industry leaders and how a thriving music ecosystem can enhance economic development. At the same time, major urban center growth of residential housing can threaten a vibrant music economy, whether festivals or late night music venues, as community groups express concerns about sound, drugs, disorder and crime.   This webinar features an in-depth discussion on how music facilitates economic development, enriches the life of residents and visitors, and is an instrument of progressive development. Learn how organized business associations and health advocates work to improve relations and reduce risk.

  • What is a music city?
  • What can cities do to enhance the economic and employment benefits of music venues and events?
  • How can the music industry and its various sectors work together to reduce conflicts in the community?
  • Are there better ways for developers to integrate music into plans and build better sound management structures?
  • Drugs are a part of a music culture and recent deaths in the Fabric's Night Club in London demonstrates the public's concern and reaction. How can venues reduce harm?
  • What are the first steps for a city to build or enhance a music and nighttime economy?



Katja Hermes

Stefanie Jones

Paul Seres

Lutz Leichsenring

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