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Delray Beach, FL City Showcase

Innovative Ways to Make Nightlife Safer and More Vibrant

Delray Beach, Florida achieved a vision of revitalization with fine dining and nighttime entertainment

Once called a “ghost town,” the city has since transformed into an award-winning “All American City”. East Atlantic Avenue is alive 24/7 with social activity, bustling street life, and patronage by locals and visitors. Learn how the city utilized special events, culinary tourism, residential housing and retail to reinvigorate downtown. This presentation will provide an overview of best practices and tactics used to plan nightlife development, how challenges have been addressed, and strategic plans for the future.

  • Public Space Management: Find out how the city manages and maintains the sidewalk café atmosphere through vigilant monitoring, cleanliness initiatives, and a city ordinance violation to enforce rules.
  • CPTED Reviews of Nightlife Venues: Learn how CPTED trained police officers assess new nightlife venues.
  • Safety Partnerships: Clean and Safe patrols partner with dedicated beat officers to monitor downtown. Learn the city’s criteria for the ideal character traits and role of entertainment district officers.
  • Valet Parking is offered in coordination with public parking and private parking lots.
  • Social Media Campaigns encourage people to keep an eye on personal items and not be a victim of crime.
  • “You’ve got a great backside campaign” improved aesthetics and lighting of businesses’ rear entrances and alleyways, which visitors often had to navigate in order to access downtown from parking areas.
  • Value of Numbers: Results of a pedestrian count comparing foot traffic during the day vs. evening. How the study was used to determine how many people are out at night.
  • Addressing Social Issues associated with individuals in recovery for substance abuse.



Marjorie Ferrer

Jason Jabcuga

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