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Entertainment Districts with Open Containers

When Drinking Enters Public Space

What do Lincoln, Nebraska, Mobile, Alabama and Memphis, Tennessee have in common? Join the February 25 Sociable City Webinar on Entertainment Districts and Public Drinking to learn how they are each managing open container policies. Anyone who has been to Bourbon Street in New Orleans can appreciate the term, "to-go cup," when alcoholic beverages are removed from a bar or restaurant to be consumed in the public space. Whether to revitalize abandoned business districts or support mixed use development projects, cities are beginning to loosen regulations on public drinking in hospitality zones. This webinar featured a discussion of how this policy is being implemented, considerations for reducing risk, and resources required to facilitate compliance.

  • What is the history of Beale Street’s public drinking policy?
  • What is the history of Alabama’s legislation and implementation in downtown Mobile?
  • What role did the community and city government play in Lincoln’s entertainment district?
  • What factors are different in a downtown district (with multiple property owners) and a planned mixed use project (owned and managed by a single property owner)?
  • How will these policies affect alcohol regulatory agencies and public policy?
  • What are risks for underage access? How are risks managed?
  • How does the public drinking option benefit a district’s development?
  • Do hospitality businesses support the policy? How does it benefit them?
  • How is the public educated about when and where public drinking laws are enforced



Elizabeth Sanders

Jon Shivers

Brett West

Steve Schmidt

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