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Harm Reduction

How Communities and Nightlife Venues can Reduce Harm

The consumption of mind-altering substances like alcohol and other drugs can present challenges for management and safety. Increased law enforcement and security alone cannot create effective solutions, and are often counterproductive to the relationship between venues, patrons and the community. This webinar will feature progressive and innovative strategies to manage intoxication in and around nightlife venues that focus on health, safety and benefits to all stakeholders

  • Harm Reduction Philosophy: Learn how this practical approach effectively addresses alcohol and drug use issues in nighttime entertainment districts.
  • Drug Education for Nightlife Patrons: Find out how to stay on the forefront of drug use trends, and how best to educate people who use alcohol and drugs about safer practices.
  • Policy Efforts to Protect Venues: Learn about groundbreaking “911 Good Samaritan” legislation that protects bar and club workers who call 911 in the event of an alcohol or drug overdose on property.
  • Reducing the Criminal Justice Impact: Discover an innovative approach to handling drug confiscations through a case study of the city of London’s use of amnesty bins in bars and clubs.
  • Safety as a Business Model for the Entertainment Venue: Safety of patrons is recognized as a good business model that attracts desired patrons. Learn the practices for ensuring that clubs adhere to the best business models.
  • Identify High Risk Patrons in Nightlife Venues: Early indicators for detecting patrons that may be in trouble because they have over-indulged in alcohol, drugs, or both, are covered. Early indicators for detecting patrons who are about to perpetrate or become the recipients of physical or sexual aggression are also described.
  • Pinpoint Safety Hotspots in a Club: Learn how universal locations differ and overlap for detecting over-indulging patrons or aggressive incidents.
  • Intervention with High Risk Patrons and Creating Safe Environments: How to effectively provide for safety of patrons, considering high risk situations due to over-use of alcohol and/or drugs, as well as physical and/or sexual aggression.



Stefanie Jones

Brenda A. Miller, PhD

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