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Philadelphia, PA City Showcase

Making the Business Case for Cultural Diversity and Nightlife

Philadelphia's rich diversity is permeated in the music, nightlife and event experiences offered in the city, including day parties, pop up events, beer gardens and repurposing of nontraditional spaces for nighttime socializing such as museums. Events like Made in America draw participants from a broad range of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, while Philly 360°, a campaign of Visit Philadelphia™, promotes and brands Philadelphia’s diverse creative scene by spotlighting the city's trendsetting assets in music, design and culture.

Learn how cultural diversity intersects with nightlife and events in Philadelphia
  • Initiatives to celebrate, recognize and preserve cultural heritage and nightlife as assets of the city as a destination.
  • Staffing positions to ensure diversity of representation and business development in the city.
  • Find out why the city goes way beyond simply accepting "equal opportunity" to valuing and embracing diversity as a strategic competitive advantage.
  • Marketing strategies to attract visitors based on nightlife and cultural diversity.
  • How to effectively reach a cross-cultural urban Millennial audience that is driven by diverse creative culture and influence.
  • What has the hotel community done in the past to support the diversity initiatives of the city?
  • What value does the hotel community see in marketing the city as a diverse destination?
  • How does the hotel community incorporate the diversity and heritage of the city into their marketing strategy?



Suzanne Greyer

Tiffany M. Newmuis

Greg DeShields

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