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Public Safety and Policing Nightlife Districts

The Nighttime Economy

Safety In the Nighttime Economy requires unique strategies. get an in-depth review of the first how-to guide fro safety administrators on inter-agency alliances, officer deployment and training. Then learn how to design our crime and disorder using proven CPTED principles. HI’s 2018 Sociable City Guide on Public Safety and Policing Nightlife Districts was developed utilizing decades of research, case studies and interviews with public safety administrators and officers. Greg Mullen brings his experience as Police Chief in Charleston and as the guide's co-author. Design Out Crime and Disorder In Nightlife Districts using CPTED principles is an emerging area of specialization in urban nightlife environments. Macarena Rau Vargas and Robert Stephens will share their life experience of applying CPTED in Latin America with high rates of narco-violence.

  • Criteria for officer selection and training curriculum
  • Create an interdisciplinary field and policy team
  • Collect data to demonstrate the impact of policing tactics on crime, harm and disorder
  • Environmental design strategies for nightlife districts
  • Designing safer nightlife venues to reduce crime



Paul Seres

John Bodnovich

Kathie Durbin

Dan Rosenblatt

Jacob Montgomery

Jim Peters

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