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Sexual Assault and Aggression in Nightlife

Strategies to Reduce Risk and Promote Safety

From the government offices and officials to colleges and universities throughout North America, there is growing awareness of the need for strategies and guidelines to reduce sexual aggression and assault on campuses and in nightlife districts. Nightlife venues are becoming a focal point of prevention due to the high intensity of social interaction, availability of alcohol, and the permissiveness of these environments, promoting situations on the precipice of appropriate and inappropriate behavior. There are emerging practices by nightlife venues to improve security training, raise awareness among staff and patrons of risk factors, and collaborate with community advocacy organizations in promoting social marketing messages to reduce harm. This webinar features a synopsis of recent research as well as case studies of training and social marketing campaigns aimed at reducing sexual aggression and assault.

  • Research on aggression in the nightlife district, including male-to-male physical aggression and male-to-female sexual aggression
  • Findings and lessons learned Curriculum and training of social venue staff on recognizing sexual predators and strategies for intervention
  • Social marketing messages directed to males and by-stander prevention - "Don't be that guy" and "My Strength".
  • What are the contributing factors to risk? How can they be addressed while maintaining a vibrant nightlife?



Saswati Sarkar

Samantha Wells

Barbara Ursuliak

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