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Studentification of Downtown

Managing the Impact of Students and Universities on Towns and Cities

While student enrollment grows in many colleges and universities, student housing hasn’t kept pace, leading to more students who are forced to move into traditional residential neighborhoods. Development companies are also taking advantage of this opportunity, building student oriented “dormitory style apartments” or houses in traditional neighborhoods and converting to student apartments. House parties can be a revenue sources through “rent parties” where people buy cups to gain access to beer or other alcoholic beverages. These unsupervised and unregulated events not only increase risk to party-goers, but generate significant quality of life impacts to other residents. This webinar features presentations on how two cities have approached the challenges of off-campus housing, house parties and maintaining order and good neighbor relations. Join in a survey on how Studentification is impacting your city or town.

  • Effectively address cyclical downtown issues beyond enforcement.
  • Partner with fire department and property owners to address house parties.
  • Steps to minimize overcrowding and peace disturbance violations.
  • Learn how community "Block Parties" create a unique forum for students and residents to meet as neighbors
  • Strategies to maintain on-going communication among residential organizations, higher education administrators, municipal and college police departments to anticipate cyclical challenges in college communities.
  • Establishing local policy to manage underage drinking



Greg Higdon

Kannu Sahni

Beth Bagwell

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