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Urban Mobility

Tnc's, Taxis, Pedestrians, Parking

Providing accessible and safe transportation options can enhance the overall experience of the visitor, accommodate employees who work night shifts, reduce impaired driving and expedite the process of clearing the district at closing time. While Transportation Network Companies (TNC's) and e-hail services such as Uber, Lyft and CURB are filling a much needed service in the nighttime economy, they can also generate traffic congestion and increased risk to pedestrians. This webinar features a case study of Pittsburgh's comprehensive plan to establish a "transport hub" and how TNC's can work with police to reduce traffic congestion and improve pedestrian safety.

  • Tips on creating a coordinated mobility plan for safety
  • How a mobility plan can reduce crime and quality of life impacts on residents
  • Reducing traffic congestion through new technology for moving drop-off and pick-up locations to enhance safety and traffic flow
  • Using social media messaging to orient nighttime patrons to use alternative transportation for safety and convenience
  • Generating financial resources from nighttime parking fees to contribute to public safety and cleaning and maintenance services



Allison Harnden

Aaron Fox

Alex Karjeker

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