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Urban Nightlife

Race, Culture and Public Space

In Urban Nightlife, sociologist Dr. Reuben A. Buford May undertakes a nuanced examination of urban nightlife, drawing on ethnographic data gathered to explore the question of how nighttime revelers negotiate urban public spaces as they go about meeting, socializing and entertaining themselves. Dr. May’s work reveals the ongoing social conflict on the streets, in bars and nightclubs, and in the various public spaces. To explore this conflict, Dr. May develops the concept of “integrated segregation” — the idea that diverse groups are physically close to one another yet rarely have meaningful interactions — rather, they are socially bound to those of similar race, class and cultural backgrounds.

  • The concept of “social capsules” to understand group interaction; An overview of the use of dress codes in urban nightlife and tips for managing the enforcement of dress codes in nightclubs.
  • How police officers and venue security can reduce racial tensions in nightlife district.
  • The direct influence of local government, police and nightclub management decision-making on interpersonal interaction among groups



Reuben A Buford May

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