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Victoria, BC, Canada City Showcase

Mayor's Late Night Task Force Initiatives

Victoria is a regional destination for dining and entertainment on Vancouver Island

Downtown hosts 35 late-night venue licensees with 10,000 seats available. Among the top challenges were excessive intoxication, vandalism, fighting and misbehavior, noise, public urination, and impaired driving. In 2010, the Mayor’s Late Night Task Force presented recommendations to address these public safety and quality of life issues. Since that time, efforts have been focused on implementing initiatives and addressing problems. Recently, the City turned its attention to developing and promoting entertainment as an important component of the local economy. Find out lessons learned from the initiatives that were implemented to tackle challenges common to many cities with nightlife activity.

  • Dedicated police patrols
  • Multi-agency committee to improve licensee performance
  • BarWatch program for late-night venue behavior management
  • Are supervised taxi stands beneficial?
  • Late-night bus service
  • Portable urinal program – a cost-effective solution for downtowns



Michael Hill

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