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What do Women Want Downtown?

Design Downtown for Women, and Men Will Follow

Downtowns and Main Streets have just begun to discover that women are their most important, yet often overlooked, demographic group. This webinar will explain why women's comfort and perception of safety are so important to the success of a commercial district, and how adjustments to infrastructure, lighting, retail mix and other factors can ensure their patronage downtown. This program will feature four leading voices on this timely topic and will showcase examples of how cities have created campaigns to make women feel safe and comfortable in urban settings.

  • Branding as a tool to attract women to downtown and main streets.
  • How might urban spaces be designed differently if they were designed for women and the experiences they seek? The result is better places for everyone.
  • Upgrading the downtown experience for women’s comfort and safety. Learn critical updates to landscape architecture, public space design, transportation access, wayfinding and public amenities.
  • Overview of the role of women in the downtown economy and female pioneers in downtown design and revitalization.
  • Find out how Livermore, CA’s Witches Night Out campaign successfully brought women of multiple generations downtown to shop, socialize and participate in a martini tasting competition made by local bartenders. You’ll also find out how the Earlier Than the Bird Shopping Experience spurred significant retail success by women shopping in the early morning hours in their pajamas.
  • What’s on the horizon? Learn what today’s women leaders envision for the future of downtown development



Dave Feehan

Carol Becker, PhD

Rachael Snedecor

Alicia Scholer

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