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Mobilize a team of leaders TO evaluate driving forces in your social economy


leadership: transformation team

Diverse stakeholders will be represented in your city's transformation team

The first phase engages your project leaders. We will train your project coordinator and orient your “Transformation Team”—a steering group of twelve influential leaders who recognize the need for change, can mobilize stakeholders and leverage resources to ensure the project’s success.

RHI’s inclusive engagement process identifies and gathers input from diverse perspectives critical to a broad understanding of trends and challenges in your city’s nighttime economy.

"Transformation, by definition, is focused on developing a culture where those involved can move beyond old ways of thinking to develop new attitudes and behaviors in themselves and others."


trends: market forces & governance

Evaluation Structure

The second phase is where we dive deep into your city. Baseline data collection, policy analysis and interviews will be conducted. Information gathered will be used to evaluate trends in market forces and governance impacting your city’s social economy and district management.

Trends Analysis:
Socio-Economic and Political Forces

The evaluation phase will examine trends in market forces, systems of governance, and their respective impacts on patrons, venues and district management

External Variables
  1. Market: Current market forces driving changes, challenges and opportunities for innovation
  2. Governance: Current systems of governance for social economy planning and management, including licensing and stakeholder coordination
Internal Variables
  1. Safety: How are trends impacting nighttime safety and response by agencies and businesses?
  2. Vibrancy: How are trends affecting the number and time of social venues, events and festivals?
  3. Planning: How is the nighttime social economy included in planning for mobility and quality of life?